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Full Version: PCN from Sheffield City Council
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Hi All,

I've done a fair amount of searching around for more information and haven't found a thread that applies exactly to my situation. I parked in the Workhouse Lane carpark in Sheffield on the 21/05/2011 and have only just received my NtO dated 19/08/2011. I've already lodged a dispute at which time they asked for me to provide my valid parking ticket, which I did. The ticket had originally fallen off my windscreen as I didn't know how to use it, having just moved over from Australia.

So stupidly, I just packed the original PCN, the valid ticket and the letter they sent me into an envelope and sent it off requesting my charge be dropped. This leaves me without a copy of the PCN or my ticket. I know, I'm already beating myself up about it.

They have received my letter, but conveniently the PCN and the ticket were not present, as such they have rejected my dispute on these grounds. I do however have all the details of the ticket from an email I sent, but no copy or picture.

Am I boned and should I just cough up the £25 or should I dispute again? I'm sooo frustrated that I got the PCN in the first place even though I bought a ticket!!

Any help, much appreciated.

Oh dear you sent them all the originals and they've lost them!

Anyway I must go to sleep now but have a read of this recent thread on MSE where I replied as 'Coupon-mad' over there:

I gave the OP of that thread some links and info that you should find useful as yours was also a 'fluttering ticket' case. Make sure you read the relevant part of the 2006 Chief Adjudicators' report to understand the issues. Even without the paperwork you may be able to show that the Traffic Order does not (hopefully) support the contravention which was presumably failing to display a P&D ticket?
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