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Hello again people.

sCamden again, received a rain soaked pcn yesterday. This is in the CAG area of camden. Parked in a residents permit bay. My permit which was bought over 3 months ago which expired. The permit itself has no expiry date, only a barcode.

PCN and line markings as below.

The only thing i can see but i may be wrong is the use of the sentance at the back of the pcn: if the authority receives representation within the 14 day period....
Any opinions on the above? especially the within argument?
Not sure what we could do with it, but can we have sight of this permit with no expiry date? How is that supposed to work?
Theres a pic of it there. Its just a green and white card with a barcode:

I can scan mine in if you like?

When you purchase it, it does come with a letter telling you of the expiry date and NORMALLY (not all the time) they send you a reminder letter 1 month before it expires. I didnt receive the letter this time nor the last time but i have on occasions before. I normally purchase 3 monthly ones when i take holiday from work or will be at home.

I dont normally need a permit due to leaving for work at around 8am and returning 6:45pm and the hours of operation are 8:30am to 6:30pm monday to friday. so if i take a day off work, i have to either buy a visitors permit or buy 3 months (minimum) work of residents permit.

Edit: another thing i need to mention is to purchase a permit, you have to go to the local town hall which opens at 9am on weekdays or online.
I would require Camden to provide the TMO where it details when a permit is considered invalid. Its possible the order will allude to an expiry date/time. Can you scan both sides of the permit?
Here you go. I have blanked out 5 numbers, which is presumably customer number and the barcode.

So you display this card in your windscreen, barcode outward so the green gnomes can scan it to see if it's valid. The inside gives you numbers to call relating to parking and the council. OK all technically very clever. You renew it, but you don't have to remove the card and replace it with another one, and they don't have to post anything. All very sensible. But how do you know it's expired?

IMO when you renew, there should be another card that goes in the wallet that tells you when it's going to run out. Are you supposed to remember???

Like an Oyster card - keep the same card forever, but unlike an Oyster card instead of not allowing you to use it if it needs topping up, they let you use it then hit you with a penalty because you forgot.

It stinks.
Bagshot, thats spot on. When you renew it they do give you a letter confirming the expiry date but I normally just misplace that, yes my fault I know. But once that is misplaced, the only way to tell if it has expired or not is to find a parking warden and ask him kindly to scan it for you and tell you, which you can't do after 6.30pm for those that want to go out and earn a living and return home in the evening.
Have you ever asked a Camden CEO to scan it for you to tell you whether it is still valid?

I must admit I find them a fairly chatty bunch. They seem to go around in twos, threes and fours which makes for much better conversation.

The reason I ask, is that there may well be a record kept behind every barcode scan. There should be because data retrieval would be involved, and potential data protection issues too. You could ask a CEO, for example, to scan your difficult neighbour's car permit so that you know when it runs out, then phone the council the moment that it expires to complain.

The main reason though, is that if there are records, and people generally are asking Camden CEOs to scan their permits to tell them the expiry date, then there is evidence there of a problem with their system, and evidence indeed that the council are obliged to provide you with.

If there are no records, then you could argue that there probably should be.

Silly silly system.
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