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Full Version: Still been sent 'nomination' forms despite already doing it!
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Hi all,
      I've received my NIP and I admit I was speeding (my boyfreind is the named driver, however I was drivign at the time)I am a Swedish citizen and this seems to be posing some problems at the 'safety partnership'. I filled in all the details as requested, and we are 100% certain I was driving eventhough the 5 photos they sent us could have been anyone.

In answer to the already filled out forms (3 times now!!!!) we received the following letter today.

"Dear Sir/ Madame,
Penalty Notice Number XXXX

I refer to the returned Statutory Notice nominating another driver of T@@ XXX on 12/03/2005

Studying the video evidence, copy enclosed, it is apparent the driver is a male / female.

It is right that I bring to your attention that it is an offence to knowingly or reckessly furnish a false statement on a statutory form.

The Statutory notice is returned for you to reconsider your position. Your reply is required by return of post.

I enclose a duplicate notice and require a response by the 13/7/05

Yorus faitfully


On behalf of
West Mercia Central Ticket Office"

So what the hell do we do? I've admitted speeding as it was me who was driving! Why are they questioning my answer? Nothing has been sent to my Swedish address yet and my boyfriend has sent me this information.

I am ready to pay the fine, however I have still not been sent one! They keep sending these letters to my boyfriend, and so I cannot pay as by him paying would be breaking the law by naming a false driver.

Any advice is greatly appreciated as we are starting to get a bit pissed off  :evil:


Maria Nielsson
provided you have honestly given them the full details required either

a) ignore them  (recommended)  or

B) write back and advise them you have submitted all the details as required.
it is apparent the driver is a male / female.

That's a relief then. icon_eek.gif

Now they have narrowed it down.
One does wonder (a) what the third option might have been, and (B) how they can be so sure about the sex of a blur - I sometimes have trouble making my mind up when face to face...
To be honest, from the photo we have seen, it is like one of those 'magic pictures' where you pull to and from your face in the hope of seeing an image  :?  although they probably have the clear one showing me, they seem to prefer trying to make my boyfriend pay....

think we should write back asking what species of animal was driving?  :lol:  stupid english wonder the crime rate is so high if this is the best they can do in their 'crime solving'.  :?  thank god i am back in sweden soon!!!!  :P
They may not like the idea of a Swedish address being given and are applying pressure in order to get an English address, that way they can receive their £60
Nothing has been sent to my Swedish address yet

Your uk boyfriend has nominated you as the driver.  Did he put your swedish address down as the contact address?

If he did, it sounds like the scammers are wanting to pin it on the uk licence holder because there is a better chance of getting the £60 out of him icon_evil.gif

As mentioned before if you're certain that you were the driver then ignore any further correspondence.
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