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Full Version: Stopped on Bus Stop for 9 seconds
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PCN from Camden for stopping on a bus stop for less than nine seconds (according to their stills) to drop off disabled passenger. Yes, there is a clearway stripe, but, really? 9 seconds? (and in the 9th second, the car is clearly already pulling away). There was no bus coming, had pulled in to AVOID obstructing the traffic flow on a single lane road with cars parked on both sides, couldn't possibly stop anywhere else as zigzags opposite and the stop is next to a corner. Car has a blue badge registered to its registration plate. What else could we have done? Any poss of an appeal do you think?
QUOTE (emma6 @ Sun, 31 Jul 2011 - 22:35) *
PCN from Camden for stopping on a bus stop for less than nine seconds (according to their stills) to drop off disabled passenger.

It takes me longer than that to get out of a car maybe I should apply for a blue badge!
Even disabled people have a sense of haste, sweetie!
Post up all of the PCN scubbing out veh reg and PCN number.

I would make reps (if still within discount perio) that CCTV should not be used at the location as it is not sensitive and difficult to use foot patrol enforcement. Then wait to see how Camden responds.
Hi Emma6

if you get time read my post (overtaking in a Bus Lane) which relates to something very similar. I believe there are written exceptions which allow for the collecting and dropping of a passengers but the problem I'm having is to find the original source to quote from. So far all I've found is secondary sources and quotes from other council websites.

I agree that you are entitled to stop in a Bus Lane to collect or drop a passenger BUT a Red Route is a different story and in my opinion you were wrong to do that in this case ( I understand you were carrying a disabled passenger which is always an emotive issue ). I also agree there should be more convenient places to drop passengers (like airports) but unlike America our country just didn't plan for growth wacko.gif
No one mentioned a bus lane or a red route. What are you talking about?
I'm talking about a Bus Lane, and it was me that mentioned the Bus Lane (read my post).

I'd suggest you google for Stopping in a Bus Stop, or click on these links which I've found. I don't think there's much recourse in this case:

or this one

Perhaps best if the PCN is posted up (scrubbing out identifying details).

You can't stop on a bus stop to drop off passengers - period.

There may be stuff on the PCN (probably not given it is Camden) or something wrong with the signs/lines but until that has been posted nobody is to know.

Also, see my earlier comment about CCTV usuage.
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