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I received a PCN code 16 for parking in a permit holders bay. Well actually I was parked half in a pay and display bay and half in parking permits bay. I had paid for a parking ticket which was clearly displayed. I only parked half in half out due to the bad parking of other cars. I didn't know it was a permit holders bay otherwise I wouldn't have parked there. Is it worth me appealing this ticket or should I just accept it and pay? I've attached the PCN for reference. Help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I have attached the bay in question, sorry it's not the greatest of pictures, PC is not playing! Anyway My car was parked half in and half out of the bay and you can see the parking sign is to the right, this is where you can pay and park normally to the left of the sign and to the left of the white dotted lines to the kerb is parking permits only.
Can you post photos of the signs and bay markings
in case they do not meet the required standards, thanks.

The pictures are likely to exceed the forum file size limit so hosting
them elsewhere and linking to your thread is recommended.

How to prepare and post photographs/images

The vehicle registration and PCN number are still visible on the photo,
you might want to obscure them and can you post the other side
in case the small print has errors.
THanks for the link. I will get sopme photos tomorrow and post them for you to have a look. Much appreciated.
I am really sorry but the link you gave me PC doesn't, it keeps crashing it. I will keep trying to post the pics.

The forum search has a few Valpy Street wins after a long fight but
their photographs showing the bays have been deleted so they cannot
be compared with the one in your post.

The lines look new and there are direction arrows on the sign so maybe
Reading decided to upgrade the scheme and previous winning points
are no longer possible.

The 14 days will be reached soon and unless a guaranteed winning
strategy can be found very soon the cheapest option would be to pay.

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