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I have been sent a summons to court.

The wording in it is very unclear asking me to sign and agree to things that havent been mentioned until 3 pages later.

What should I do, I was caught by hand gun 2 officers in broad day light. I don't deny I was speeding but I'm á bit worried as to what is going to happen to me.

The police said that it would be up to the PF whether they decide to charge me with dangerous driving or speeding.

The summons mentions nothing about dangerous driving just driving CONTRARY to RTRA 1984 sections 81/89.

Should I plead guilty via post and not sign the form?

What would I be looking at from what I can see from here 6 points and £200-600 fine?

I've been driving almost 10 years and have a clean license.

This is in Scotland Strathclyde Police.
As a rough guide (as it's based on the English guide)

What is it asking you to agree to?
The Rookie
I assume he's being asked to plead......
QUOTE (Clayurr @ Tue, 12 Jul 2011 - 23:31) *
Should I plead guilty via post and not sign the form?

The unsigned loophole in Scotland applies to a request to identify the driver under s172 of the Roat Traffic Act. As you were stopped at the time it's unlikely that you have one of these - the police already know who was driving.

Assuming you have a summons as you say, there is no advantage to not signing correspondance with the court, other than potentialy pissing off the court (not really a good idea).
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