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Full Version: Invalid Insurance at Inception
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I have to admit even trying to write this down is hard enough as I feel so stupid. I would appreciate it if you look past that and realize that I am a desperate man right now looking at the prospect of having to sell his house to pay for this mistake!

I have always insured my car.

A few weeks ago I crashed my car into the back of someone on the m6. There was another incident ahead of the guy I crashed into, he slammed on, I slammed on but didnt stop in time. Arguably its not my fault I didnt cause the first incident but I did think I would end up taking the fault for our crash as I was the car behind, he stopped and I didnt.

Anyway I got a letter yesterday to tell me the insurer, Markerstudy, had declared my insurance invalid from inception due to non-disclosure of points on my licence.

Through total ignorance, I thought Insurance was quoted based on the number of points you had. I had 6 points on my licence when I took out the insurance. Then for some reason I thought points stayed on my license for 3 years. That point came and went before I irritatingly picked up another 6 points. So when my insurance came around again, I thought that nothing had changed, I always had kind of stayed on 6 points. I wasnt even trying to defraud them, it was just a stupid stupid stupid mistake.

Now I have an Audi A5 fit for scrap, a mondeo with a bust up back end and possible personal injury claims if he claims for whiplash or something.

My broker who set the insurance up is representing me to the insurer to try and reason with them that this was a genuine mistake and will make me homeless. But alas no joy as yet.

Any help?
What were the undeclared points for?
Points do stay on your licence for 3 years but most (all?) insurance companies ask you whether you have had convictions in the last 5 years.

Also the conviction code for different offences can have a material impact on insurance, which is why they ask you for it.
QUOTE (Style @ Thu, 30 Jun 2011 - 23:14) *
he stopped and I didnt.

Just to confirm, you mean didn't stop in time for the crash - rather than you drove off without exchanging details.

I'm not sure what to say regarding the rest, I suppose it depends on what questions were asked when you took out the policy (or renewed).
QUOTE (Durzel @ Thu, 30 Jun 2011 - 23:39) *
Points do stay on your licence for 3 years

It's 4 years, the points are however only valid for totting up purposes for 3 years.
This is a bit old, but here are some thoughts from the Financial Ombudsman on voiding policies due to non-disclosure.
Things may have tighten up a bit since my days in the insurance business (writing claims handling software). This used to work like this:
As you've been paying (or have paid) the premium then the fall back position is normally to re-quote you and you stump up the difference, they then act as your insurers (your broker will know the current state - but it is up to the underwriters to decide).

In multiple shunts the verdict usually went against the one causing the accident, then 50/50 down the line, again that may have changed.

Were you fully comp?
Did you admit liability or simply exchange details?

How long ago was the accident?

Do you mean you had 6 points that expired during the policy period, then picked up another 6 during the same period, resulting in no net change in points upon renewal?
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