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Full Version: any advice please? Red Light, old van etc:)
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Hi, i have been driving for nearly 20 years and have never had any far, i was recently in greater manchester and was in my old ldv convoy 400 S reg, heavy and with old brakes, it was pretty loaded not up to capacity, id say about 1100 Kilos, ( it can take 1800 at Max Payload)...i remember the event well, i was doing about 30 when i approached a big intersection ( pottery lane and hyde road, manchester) saw the lights ahead change to Amber, braked, then released to stop exactly in time meant emergency this Van, there's no way im gonna do it without potentially skidding so i looked ahead saw the junction was empty and carried on, i was doing 26mph and was clocked at 1.2 seconds over the light, had i been in a nice new van or a car id have stopped comfortably, but in an old heavy and loaded ldv this was not going to question is, is it worth me contesting or should i just admit all and take the points/fine?..i don't mind the 60 quid so much as i do the points as i have held a clean license for so long, it also just seems so crappy that motorists get punished so much, i do a lot of miles and am sick to death of the Government scamming us....i believe i took the appropriate action for the situation, i was not speeding and in my case years ago the action of the Amber light would have done its job, ..i was in no hurry, ( you cant really be in an also, it did seem that the Amber light was really really quick to change, can you get problems with the lights..and has anyone else had problems at this junction?
thanks in advance
QUOTE (jominks @ Thu, 30 Jun 2011 - 12:04) *
my question is, is it worth me contesting..

From what you have typed so far (and subject to the comments below), almost certainly not.

And for what it's worth, I seem to recall that red light awareness courses are available in the Manchester area (£79.50, a bit of your time, but no penalty points).

QUOTE (jominks @ Thu, 30 Jun 2011 - 12:04) * did seem that the Amber light was really really quick to change..

The amber only phase should be fixed at 3 seconds (+/- 250ms). If the timings are outside of this range, then the lights would be deemed as non-compliant and you might have a case.

The Rookie
Just to say I agree with all nemo has said, the onus is on a driver to drive at a suitable speed, besides the Amber phase is sufficuient to stop in from 60mph at the highway code 0.5G braking (most modern cars managing about 0.9G), so really you should have been able to stop.

Worth checking the amber phase length though.

Concur with the above; there is a statutory defence that it was not possible to stop safely, but it only applies to crossing on amber. If you end up crossing on red, the law assumes that you would have been able to stop on amber if you'd tried harder/really wanted to/been paying more attention/whatever. If it's practical though do go back with a stopwatch and check the length of the amber phase.
I'd not want to be defending a charge to the mags on the defence of 'my vehicile isn't roadworthy'
QUOTE (Aretnap @ Thu, 30 Jun 2011 - 12:41) *
If it's practical though do go back with a stopwatch and check the length of the amber phase.

I would video the light timing sequences. "If" they are wrong it will be much easier to show just in case they get put right in the near future
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