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I got a ticket yesterday because my permit (which is valid) fell on the front seat. It was still visible if the warden had tried to find it, but I am sure the photos taken will show no permit on the front windscreen. Can I challenge this?

As an aside, it was on the dashboard previously because I had lost the plastic adhesive holder that permits normally go in. Where on earth can one get replacements?!

Any / all advice appreciated.
The CEOs are conditioned not to use their brains and so to look through a window onto a seat is not within their remit. If it's not where it should be, thena as far as they are concerned it ain't there! Even if you took a picture through the window of it laying on the seat they would argue that you put it there! There is not much leeway on this me thinks. HOWEVER, post up your PCN, scrubbed of PCN number and vehicle reg but leave in times and dates and location so that the notice can be checked for errors.
IIRC some adjudications have looked favourably on such cases.

the method of display will be in the Traffic Order Order.
As part of your appeal include a request for the CEO notes. See what they say about inspecting the car for a fallen permit.
Got a scan of the PCN? If so do you want to post it - or do you want to hold onto it.

Reasons for putting it up would be allowing us to compare the text with Statute, checking the TRO and looking for the obvious errors.

Reasons for not putting it up would be if it was a private rather than a council ticket.
Can you link us to the location on google streetview if it shows the bay and signage as they currently exist?
Hi everyone,

Thanks for the comments so far. I'm attaching the PCN.

Link to the location is here:
Google shows the signs as saying "Permit Holders" rather than "Resident Permit Holders" is this still the case on the ground?
Yes it's resident permit holders (which mine is).
In the bottom right hand corner of the PCN it says "Continued Overleaf".

If it does we'd like to see it. If the reverse is blank you have a winner.
For clarity, my googlemaps shows Permit Holders or P&D M-S 9.30 - 4.30, max stay 4 hours. The code on your PCN applies either for Res Permit only bays or shared use, which these appear to be. The PCN was served within the restricted period so this seems correct.

Just as the council may not have a photo of your permit on the seat you, I assume, have no evidence that it was. Therefore I cannot see this as being a fruitful line of defence, particularly as the contravention is failing to display clearly.

You must post the reverse of the PCN as this might include errors and/or state that if you make informal reps within 14 days the discount will be held until they respond.

BTW, I cannot make out the discounted penalty charge rate on your PCN, the printing is askew. Can you read the sum on the original?

The discounted rate is £55. Attached is the reverse of the ticket, which essentially relates to means of payment.
QUOTE (alecob01 @ Wed, 22 Jun 2011 - 08:43) *
Yes it's resident permit holders (which mine is).

Just to clarify, are you saying the sign regulating the bay actually includes the word "resident"?
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