Hi was wondering if anyone could advise me. A couple of weeks ago i received 2 x Penalty Charge Notices for parking in Aultone Way Carshalton (not sure if anyone knows it here) for parking with 2 wheels on the pavement. I wrote back syaing that i didnt see any signs saying that this wasnt allowed there. You see i dont know the area well and was only visiting (i live in Eastbourne) as my sons flat was broken into and we were buying new lock etc.

Today i received Notice of Rejection of Representations saying that "It is not a requiement of the relevent Act of Parliament to erect signs prohibiting footway parking, other than at the terminal points at each end of the authorised footway parking area. Drivers should be aware of their responsibility to parl lawfully as set out in the Highway code, which states DO NOT park partially or wholly on the pavement unless signs permit it".

I truthfully was not aware of this fact as in Eastbourne it is ok and i feel like we are all supposed to be mind readers now and try and second guess what we shouldnt do. If there were signs telling me i wasnt allowed to park in this manner i wouldnt have done it so i feel this is totally unfair.

Also in the letter it states that if i want to appeal i can do so by reading the Guidance note attached to the appeal form enclosed.....well no such forms or guidance notes were enclosed. I have emailed Sutton Council advising them of this but i hope it wont effect the time i have to pay a reduced rate???

My question is does anyone know if they can get away with this. I am not a mind reader so did not know i couldnt park in this way.

The stupid thing is i have 2 PCN's for 7 mins apart, surely anyone with an ounce of common sense would see that if i was just totally ignoring the signs to not park i would not have parked and then moved my car and parked again in the same manner just to get nabbed twice??? After all i have better things to spend my hard earned money on dont you think.

Thanks rant over....please advise if anyone can[/size]