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Full Version: PCCN Code 6 appeal denied - just ignore it?
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A few weeks ago I parked at the NCP car park at Royston train station in a 'bay' at the end of a row along the back fence of the car park. The space at either end of this row has no 'outer white line' but people always park in them. I was issued a PCCN for a 'code 6 violation'. I had heard about these 'fines' and that it was best to not appeal, but as it was so clear that I was parked in what looked enough like a parking space that everyone used it as such, I felt compelled to appeal to their better judgement - surely if it looks like a parking space, isn't labeled as not being a parking space, does not obstruct anyone and is just like several other spaces in the car park that are all used as spaces, the NCP would agree that a fine was unjustified.

OK, I was being naive and idealistic. They emailed me back in a format that looked like it was an automatic response based on the penalty code, even having the cheek to include "The lines between each parking space designate where one parking bay ends and the next one begins. I am sure you can appreciate that we have to ensure that people park within the marked lines because not doing so can cause serious inconvenience to others as well as potentially preventing an adjoining bay from being used at all. Therefore, having considered your case fully, I must advise that the PCCN was correctly issued."

Having considered my case fully? Really?? My case was that I was within a space, and if I was in fact not in one then they need to do something to indicate that it isn't one. I certainly was not over any bay lines, yellow lines, in the way of anyone, etc.

My question is whether having identified myself to them via an appeal changes the advice given (i.e. to just ignore them) ?

Nothing's changed.

You may be seen as a better-than-average prospect because they know you exist and take them seriously but IGNORE is still the best strategy.
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