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Full Version: Advice? dangerous use of a motor vehicle
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NO you need to make a statutory decleration, not have it re opened, you have 21 days from finding out about it to make an application to the court, any court

this will get you back to summons stage, your now struggling to only pay 60 and get 3 points, but you can ask the court to only apply this when you are there

contact the court and tell them what you intend to do and get a date to attend to make the stat de asap

repeat tell them its a STAT DEC YOU WANT^
so....first I knew was bailiff letter....
go make a stat dec...

I did get one from court about fine...

should I just say first I knew was bailiff?

court informing me of fine was a month ago or a little over that...
21 days thing is worrying now..

thanks for that..

court letter was a month ago past the 21 day thingy...
when was the first you new about it

youl need to swear on oath that this is so, you dont have to prove it to anyone, though being caught lying would be a bad idea in fact lying would be a bad idea, they can give a stat dec out of time if you talk them into it

failing that go for having it reoppened instead
may go for a re-opening then...although it is on record that my memory is shot to sh1t..
what would I need to put in a letter?
are there any templates?

thanks again for your help.
The Rookie
Instead of typing bullet points try ENGLISH so we can understand what you are on about!

You either go to court and make a statutory decleration (preferable) that you did not receive the summons, the case will be cancelled and the CPS may or may not issue a new summons. When did you get the notification of the fine you then ignored? More than 21 days ago seems likely as the Bailiffs are now after you in which case a stat dec is now lost to you.

Or write a letter to the court (legal advisor) stating you did not recieve the summons and ask for the case to be reopened in the interests of justice so you can present your case. (mitigation, not guilty, or request for FPN level of penalty, whatever at that point - you don't have to state your plan now) and see what happens, make sure they have the correct address!

The former is considered a better option as a new summons is not always issued, the latter guarentees a new hearing.

I fear your Ostrich approach since getting the notification of the result (fine) has left you out of choices.

thanks for that.
I am sorry if the way I write offended you.
I have an idea what I have to do, that's why I asked if there were any template letters that could be edited to suit.
any help with this would be great.
\if you could even point me in the direction of other threads that could help with a letter to court.
I have searched but it still leaves me a little confused as how to put it in a letter.
should I explain how, when at the police station, as I had no licence they held onto the ticket, thus stopping me paying it?
they told me the court would be in touch.....the next thing was a fine, I didn't get a chance to enter a plea.
all I wanted to do was pay the £60.

thanks again in advance.
I doubt I have much time left before the bailiffs get a hold of me so the sooner the better..
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