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Full Version: Sheffield PCN - blue badge holder in no loading area
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Mister Tea

On Friday 27/05/11 I was parked up here in Sheffield, displaying a blue badge:
Google Streetview - Abbeydale Road
My car was outside "Seasons".

I was not aware that I could not park on yellow lines where there is a loading restriction, and I've ended up with a PCN.
The signs are still as the streetview link, and I've not got any other photos.

Close up of the sign on Streetview:
Click to view attachment

Is a two colour sign like that compliant with the regs?

In the past (years ago now) when I've made a simple mistake like this the council have dropped out at informal appeal, but I would like some further points to challenge this with if at all possible.

Any help would be great!


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And the back:
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I think I would email the Council for a PDF copy of the Traffic Order for that street by return, this week. When you get it reply here for others to view it, there's a forum repository specifically for Traffic Orders if the forum does not already have them. Maybe the Order is flawed in some way or doesn't match the contravention/penalty they are claiming.

Also look on their website, is there anything about Disabled Badge holders being allowed or not allowed to park in loading bays? Maybe in the FAQ?

You would be looking to appeal anyway of course as the PCN says they will normally re-offer the discount, nowt to lose then.
Mister Tea
I've emailed asking for the TRO, had a reply already asking me to be more specific on the location. Which brings me to the next point!

Abbeydale Road is at least 2 miles long, it turns in to Abbeydale Road South on Maps, and including that its around 4 miles long.
Would that be considered vague?

The Sheffield Council website says that for informals, they will only respond to one challenge, see here. I know this has been raised before by people, but has it been enough for an adjudicator?

There are quite a few "will serve" instead of "may serve" and "within" for dates, but I don't know how helpful it is when its on the website, and not the PCN - although the web address is printed on the PCN.

The website also clearly says that Blue Badge holders may not park in loading thats not really helpful!
Neil B
QUOTE (Mister Tea @ Wed, 1 Jun 2011 - 14:11) *
I've emailed asking for the TRO, had a reply already asking me to be more specific on the location. Which brings me to the next point!

Abbeydale Road is at least 2 miles long, it turns in to Abbeydale Road South on Maps, and including that its around 4 miles long.
Would that be considered vague?

LOL. They just confirmed vague locus by their question back!!! laugh.gif

Does the PCN only give the road name?
Mister Tea
Yep, the PCN only has the road name with no other codes etc. Unless I'm missing something - its posted above.

The email I got back from parking said:
Thanks for your email.

There are many different TROs covering Abbeydale Road.

Can you explain which part of that route and what type of restrictions
you are interested in?

Please contact me direct and we'll see what we can do.

Maybe not a clear admission of vague locus, but it all helps.
Mister Tea
The council have still not replied to my request for the TRO of the road. My 14 day period is up on Friday, so I could do with dropping in an informal before then.

Do you think I should just go down the "sympathy for a blue badge holder" route, or should I also include the vague locus point?
I'm happy to test their policy of only replying to one informal appeal.

** edit **

Just got a reply back with the TRO. Not had a chance to read though it yet. Its the same as the one already in the repository here:
Sheffield Outer Area 2008 TRO.pdf

Not sure what case it was attached to, or if any problem were found with it.

** another edit **
I'm not used to reading TROs, but in my case the sign that I parked near is "No Loading Mon-Fri 7.30am-9.30am and 4.00pm-6.30pm.

The only ref I can find to that in the TRO is on page 26, a section on clearways. This then refers to page 861 for a list of roads where it applies.
In my case for Abbeydale Road this is nowhere near where I was parked.

So I think that something is wrong! - Could do with someone with a better trained eye to have a quick look if you don't mind.

Any advice?

The email from parking :

Thanks for your email.

All our parking restrictions, outside the city centre, are contained within one consolidated Traffic Regulation Order. This includes the restrictions on the section of Abbeydale Road you are interested in. The document is a massive one running to 884 pages. I've attached a pdf version of it.

The document is not an easy one to work through, you can do word searches to locate references to Abbeydale Road. This will take you to many restrictions which exist the whole of that route, some of which will relate to the section between Steade Road and Chippinghouse Road.

If you have any difficulties please get back to me.

We do have a hard copy of the document which can be inspected in the office, but you would need to make an appointment to do so.

Yours sincerely
Brian hey
Traffic Regulations Group
I think p861 item 1 is it. My reading is that the whole of Abbeydale Rd is a clearway during those times, with the exception of the laybys specified (which are the only laybys I can think of on the road).

Abbeydale Rd is a main route into the city and does clog up awfully, so I would expect it to be a clearway at peak hours.

Parking depts aren't renowned for their sympathy. I'd go with vague locus. However if the restrictions are the same at that time of day for the whole road (I have not checked) then you cannot be uncertain what you are alleged to have contravened. I don't know whether that uncertainty is needed or whether just vague locus is enough, but uncertainty would help.
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