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I am based in Scotland and last week I received NIP asking for the driver's info. I ended up jumping lights and the camera had flashed as I crossed the white line when lights had turned red.

My car had stalled at the last minute which resulted me making the fatal mistake of crossing the white line when they were amber but by the time I crossed because of the stalling it had turned red!!!!

I have read at various websites that I might end up getting 3 points on my licence along with £60 fine. I was just wondering is there any way of surviving with only a monetary penalty. I rather have a clean licence. Currently my licence is clean and I would like to keep it clean.

Any advice will be highly appreciated.

No, the offence carries obligatory endorsement of three points. The only way to get no points is to be founds not guilty (unlikely) or to argue that there are special reasons not to endorse (again, unlikely).
there is no way of getting JUST a fine, its either both or nether

In the circumstances described you look to have no defence

writing and asking for picies to help id the driver, is the only way forward, if you havent already replied ? to see if it got you fair and square
If the offence was committed in Scotland you have the option of returning the form unsigned, though it's nor an easy ride and arguably more trouble than it's worth for the sake of 3 points in an otherwise clean license.

Do the NIP wizard to see what else it throws up.
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