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I got a PCN last week. My first one ever! ohmy.gif

I parked in the pay and display bay. Well, at least I thought so.
I bought the ticket, correctly displayed it on my dashboard, been gone for 15 mins to come back to find PCN!

The thing is, as I parked my car, I looked around to see the sign and it did say "pay and display".
As I got back, enforcement officer was about to leave. I got in a very heated debate with him regarding all those confusing signs. (anyway, he just ignored me and left but not before swearing at me!)

I then checked all the road markings, and signs and so on...but I still think the signs were confusing.

I didn't manage to take picture straight away as I had to rush to collect children from school but returned later and took pictures then.

I was parked in front of that white van. (pic 1)

The sign I looked at (Pay and Display) is on the right of the picture. Closest sign to the space where I parked. (pic 2)

The sing I should have looked at (Residents parking) is on the far left of the picture - some 50-70 metres from where I have parked. (pic 3) ((between 4th and 5th car on that picture).

Not sure there is anything I can do, but I thought I will check.

I either pay by Sun or I can appeal against PCN.

What do you think?


pics of the signs for both bays would help.
Shouldn't there be two separate, clearly arrowed signs at the divide (double white dashed lines) where the residents bays meet the P&D bays?

On Google maps I had a look and if the signs are the same as that old view, then there's the P&D sign you saw which is behind the white van in your pic but not at the dividing line (strictly speaking it's in another street though isn't it?). Then as you say, further down Cheltenham Terrace there's another different sign ('Residents only' but I can't read the applicable times).

As bama says it would be useful to see both the signs' wording/times.
Thank you vey much for looking at it.

I went to take a picture of the second sign today. Here it is.

Os there anything I can do or do I just pay?

In any appeal bring the council's attention to paragraph 7.51 within the DfT published Traffic Signs Manual chapter 3.

7.51 Where two different parking bays are side
by side (e.g. a loading bay adjacent to a disabled
badge holder bay), consideration should be given to
mounting two signs side by side, preferably on a grey
backing board, at the changeover point. Each sign
should include an arrow pointing in the direction of
the respective bay. This should minimise the risk of
drivers parking in the wrong bay by mistake and
incurring a penalty.

Make it clear that the signage placed did not follow this clear instruction even though the DfT's purpose for giving such instruction was to avoid any motorist being misled. Then draw the council's attention to annex D1 and D2 in the DfT Operational Guidance to Local Authorities.

D1 All local authorities are responsible for the accuracy and condition of the traffic
signs and road markings that identify parking restrictions in their area. The traffic
signs and road markings must conform strictly to the relevant regulations
(currently the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 – TSRGD
– and subsequent amendments) or have special authorisation from DfT. They
should also conform to the guidance set out in Chapters 3 and 5 of the Traffic
Signs Manual.

D2 PCNs may not be valid if they are issued where traffic signs and road markings
are incorrect or in poor condition. Representations demonstrating this should be

Usual practice is for the council to deny anything is amiss but people have won at adjudication by using the above points.
Update - my PCN has been cancelled.
I followe Bogsy's advice and it worked biggrin.gif
So happy.

Thank you.
good stuff.

please post up their letter
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