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Full Version: Speed Camera - Need Help (A65 Rawdon, near conservative club))
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Hi Guys,

I have recently moved to the area about 6 months ago. I was on the A65 Last night and passed a camera near the Rawdon Conservative club and it flashed me. Initially I was confused as I thought the road was a 40mph limit (quite frankly i cant see why it shouldn't be). Anyway I turned round to check as I was worried and basically there is a sign saying 40MPH then about 10 yard further another saying 30mph and pretty much strait after that is the camera.........

This was late at night so was no other traffic so i know i set it off =C

What I was wondering is do the offer the Awareness courses in the Leeds area? I was going 40mph as thats what I thought the speed limit was. If not should I contest it? I mean this camera is a blatant revenue maker for them!.

Thanks in advance for your advice
there is no defence in that its a revenue generator, there might be if the signage isnt compliant, but till you know if it was a live camera there is no point getting into that

The RK should get a notice within 14 days, if you were only doing 40 your odds on to get a course offered
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