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Full Version: Pcn issued and car towed! £180 to release! Help!
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Hey guys! I need help!

Yesterday the 16/05/2011 I parked my car on Glasgow St Vincent Street (street parking) in a designated bay. The parking metre showed that controlled times are 9-4 and as I started work at 4 I thought this was ideal! So I got there at 3:35 pm and put in enough money to cover me till 4. When I returned at 9 my car wasn't there! On calling around I found that my car had been taken to the car impound. I collected it today and had to pay £180 to release it. £150 for the lifting fee and £30 parking ticket. I was advised when i collected the car that the car was in a controlled zone where you can not park between 4-6 due to peak traffic. I did not remember seeing any such signs mentioning this. So I went back to the place where I parked to double check. Firstly the pay and display metre did have this information on it however it was quite scratched and had black marks across it so if you were not specifically looking for it you would not see it. Further more as mentioned above I parked in a designated bay. There were no signs where I parked suggesting that the street was part of the controlled area. There was a sign further down the road mentioning that no parking between 4-6 but as it was just beside a bus stop it seems as though it means specifically that area. Plus the sign is not really eye level so unless you were specifically looking for it you would not notice it. Also the ticket was issued at 17:21 and it was authorised for removal at 17:34 and it was actually removed at 17:45. I read on one of these forums that they legally can not lift the car until half an hour after the ticket has been issued. Is this correct and can I use this as grounds for appeal? Are there any other grounds I can use to appeal? Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks smile.gif

I want to appeal this decision and get a refund on the amount paid.
Wrong forum, hopefully a mod will be along soon to move it to "Parking and ..."
This needs to go in the parking forum.
Oops can I move it myself? I'm new smile.gif
The Rookie
No, you can either start a new post in the parking forum or wait for a mod to move it which will be soon enough!

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