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Full Version: Two parking tickets - same place - but very different
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Hi all,

i've been reading the topics on here for a while and when i got PCN number 1, this was the first place i came. Afetr reading through everything i didn't pay the ticket, as they got the VRM wrong. They showed an 'M' and the final letter but mine is a 'W'. So, i just ignored it.

The interesting thing to note though, is that it is issued under supposed 'Rail Byelaws' by NCP who are responsible for the carpark. But there is no mention of court proceedings for failure to pay, so i was supicious as to whether it was actually issued under these, or whether they were just saying so as scare tactics.

So then the other day i got PCN number 2. (yes, i am that bad!!)

Unfortunately they got my VRM right this time. But then i started reading the ticket and noticed that this time it isn't shown as 'Byelaws' but as a violation of 'Terms and Conditions'.

I am very tempted not to pay PCN number 2 either, but i would appreciate some advice.


Alison biggrin.gif

It may state a breach of Terms and Conditions but I assume the amount they are claiming is far in excess of the charge to park there.
If so, whatever they say, they're trying to claim a penalty = non-enforceable.

NCP do often try the Byelaw 14 routine but only as a scare tactic. Their mistakes are quite easy to spot.

Ignore anything that arrives and don't contact them

ty biggrin.gif
I wonder whether in a parallel universe there's a pepipoo dedicated to operators of private car parks asking for information as to how to deal with motorists who apparently persistently park without paying the going rate?

What an apt question.
there used to be such a website.
It was run by Perky (parallel universe !!) .
Its dead now so don't bother with the link.
maybe there is a current incarnation out there on the web. who knows. who cares.
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