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Full Version: PCN 27 (Parking adjacent to a dropped footway) contradictory markings
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Hi All,

I received a PCN for parking across a dropped kerb in a Special enforcement area at the weekend. I know I should not have done so, but the road markings are contradictory.
Attached is a shot from Google earth which I have annotated. It is interesting to see that 3 cars in this photo would be subject to PCNs now!

I was parked exactly how the car highlighted in the green box is - across the kerb but obeying the thick white line/T bars. The dropped kerb is shown in red. Interestingly the line covers the dropped kerb around the corner but not the kerb I was parked in front of.

I shall appeal the PCN anyway, but I wondered if anybody has had a similar experience and successfully appealed?

Thanks in advance,

post up the PCN - ALL of it, that is both sides of the page(s).

take out personal details, leave dates and times in.

Thanks for taking time to look at this; PCN scanned in below as requested.



Looks like a real honey pot: place white lines (which are meaningless) and by implication permit parking beyond, and then snap the trap shut when motorists do.

Can't see any obvious way out - a plea to their better side!

An update.....

I challenged the dropped-kerb PCN, without much hoping of winning my appeal. Today I had a nice letter back from Bristol City council. The letter states that I had commitment a parking offence and confirmed that there is no legal requirement on the markings around dropped kerbs; i.e. I was at fault and liable for the fine.

However (the nice bit) as there was no record of this vehicle/me commiting this sort of offence before I have been let off with just a warning. Good result, although I am not sure this really helps anybody else.

Cheers, and thanks for the help.

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