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Hi all, 1st time poster but long time viewer...
As a Chauffeur i tend to use the service stations for a rest from time to time on long runs & as a result roughly every 6 weeks or so i get a 'parking charge notice' from CP Plus.
On the advice of this forum i ignore them & they do the same after 2 or 3 letters.
Next week i will be staying overnight at a Travelodge with free parking for its customers but this is managed by CP Plus.
It occurred to me earlier that as i have to enter my car reg number at the Hotel to qualify for the free parking that the parking firm may turn up & clamp me due to non payment of 'fines'.
Maybe me being paranoid but what do you guys think about this & has anyone heard of such a thing.
A reply would be greatly appreciated..
P.s I probably have had 20 'fines' in the last 2yrs.
Clamping for an alleged debt would be a criminal offence although that's not much comfort when you're on the road.

If you're really concerned, is it somewhere you can simply buy a tcket to display and forget the free parking - or of course stay somewhere else ?
Thanks Gan, i am staying at a Travelodge at the M4 services.
The website says free customer parking but you need to enter reg number at reception as not to get a parking fine.
The car will be parked there for 22hrs whilst i wait for my customer & i will be 250 miles from home so do not know the area to park elswhere.
I am just worried i would be clamped & the job will turn bad.
I guess i could stay elswhere to solve the problem but it only crossed my mind earlier ohmy.gif
I cannot recall ever reading about a CP Plus clamping so I don't think it's part of their business model at all.
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