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Full Version: Stopped for Speeding, No PCN issued, Took Phone Number
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My father was pulled over passing through Bristol at the weekend having been caught by a handheld camera in a police car. They sat him in the back of the car and said he'd been doing 91mph (in a 70mph) zone. He said they were very pleasant - he told them he didn't realise he was doing 91mph and they commented about how unlucky he was getting caught having had a clean licence for so long. They said he could go on a speed awareness course instead of receiving points but that he'd had to go to Bristol because they want the money in their pot! They didn't issue him with a PCN or any paperwork but took his phone number and told him they'd be in touch. I'm not familiar with the procedure for being pulled over so what I'd like to know is:

1. Was the correct procedure followed?
2. Does he have to go to Bristol?
3. Should he receive some paperwork in the post or can they just phone him up and book him on the course?

1 - yes, in as as much as it needs to be while sitting in the back of car. Not sure about actual speed check - no details!
2 - yes, most probably....
3 - yes he should receive either an offer of a SAC, a FPN or a summons.

Usual criteria for SAC is speed limit + 10% + 6mph. So usual limit for SAC is 77+6 = 83mph. However A&S say they offer it for limit + 25mph. Here's hoping for an happy outcome.
there is no proceedure for that, it sounds more like highway robbery than a law enforcement excersise, they should at least have offered him a cofp

if and when he gets something through, he may be able to transfere it to another provieder more local
So should he expect a letter or a phone call? They told him they'd call him to book him on the course.
The Rookie
PCN is for decrim parking (etc), I assume you meant FPN?

I would expect him to get a letter, I doubt it will be a phone call.

I think Avon & Somerset are not part of the national scheme, so you have to go back there to do the course.
I didn't mean PCN you're right - I have PCN's on the brain as I'm dealing with a rather irritating case at the moment.

Ok thanks for this info.
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