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Full Version: NIP and No Return address
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Been caught speeding
I've got a NIP and on the back it says to return to the address overleaf, but on the front there is no address. I haven't got the envelope as my daughter used it for drawing (I've progressed from the dog ate my homework) so can't check if it was on there.

If the return adddress is missing does this invalidate the NIP?


from police ?, must say what force it is,
Been caught speeding
Yes it has the Met Police logo. I guess in this day and age I'd be expected to search the web for an address. Just thought there may be an outside chance that incomplete documentation would render it invalid.
Not even an outside chance, sorry.

You need to find out where to send it back to.

The NIP will still be valid, and as such you must respond to the S172 request or face the possibility of being summoned with a failing to furnish charge.
The Rookie
Not sure I agree....

The NIP is valid, yes.

The S172 request, how can that be complied with if it doesn't tell you the manner (address) in which to respond? It would be worth getting a consensus on this before the OP responds (he has circa 26 days).

The law says

the person on whom the notice is served shall not be guilty of an offence under this section if he shows...that it has not been reasonably practicable for him to give [the information].

I'd be very wary of hoping the court agreed that it wasn't reasonably practicable for the OP to respond if they did absolutely nothing to try and find out where to return it to.

Of course, if despite trying reasonably hard (and having the evidence of this) they really can't find the correct place to reply to, then it would seem sensible for the defence to apply.

If the request is issued on behalf of the Chief Constable, what's wrong with sending it back to him ?
Indeed. And then it's for the C.C. to sort out getting it to the right place, which would probably happen but you never know.

@OP: If/when you do end up sending it, make sure it's recorded delivery so you've proof of whoever getting it.

Return the information on a copy of the form and keep the original as evidence that you weren't told where to send the reply.
Been caught speeding
Thanks for the replies
I suppose with the web etc these days it might be hard to argue it's dificult to find out where to return it. I'm tempted to send a copy recorded delivery to the Commisioner of Police as per the signee. Not sure how happy the post office will be if it's just addressed to the Commisioner of Police, Metropolitan Police, London!
Any chance of scanning the form, washing it of personal info and posting it up here? Would be interesting to see this new form of NIP/s.172. Maybe it is something new we should be aware of.

But if it is all as described, I agree with the others here. Complete the s.172 form, sign it, keep the original and send a copy by special delivery back to the Commissioner of the Met. if no address is supplied what else can one do? smile.gif
QUOTE (Been caught speeding @ Wed, 2 Mar 2011 - 10:54) *
I'm tempted to send a copy recorded delivery to the Commisioner of Police as per the signee. Not sure how happy the post office will be if it's just addressed to the Commisioner of Police, Metropolitan Police, London!
It's on behalf of the Commissioner, so it's not unreasonable to send it back to him if there's no other indication of where to send it to.

I wouldn't play silly buggers putting half an address down though, as if it came to court you'd wouldn't want the magistrates to think you were wanting it to go astray. It's pretty easy to find out the Met's New Scotland Yard address.

Bear in mind that if you do send it to the Commissioner and it doesn't get to where it's needed to be and they do end up sending you a summons over S172 you'll have to go to court and argue your case there. Although on the face of it you'd have a good defence it could still all go wrong (some have had to go to High Court to get the right result) and you get yourself six points. Even if it goes right it's still a day in court with the associated preparation. Basically this isn't an option for an easy life.

Been caught speeding
Thanks for the replies, scanner is u/s at the mo but will put it up (if I can work out how) once it's back online.

Part of me thinks it may be easier to roll over to save possible court appearances.
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