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Full Version: Reported to the Police
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Hi folks,

My dad advised me the other day 'that he's been reported to the Police'.

I don't have full details as yet, but it goes a little something like this:

His work received an NIP for various things including careless driving, leaving the scene of an accident and not reporting an accident.

His work named my dad as driver of the van (which he was, he borrowed the van to move his partner's furniture to his house).

My dad has not yet received an NIP in his name. However, he's been told there are 'witnesses' and my dad has somehow found out who has reported the incident.

The person who has reported the incident has a big dent in the side of his car.

My dad has not caused this damage and subsequently, there is no damage to the work's van.

My dad has found the person whose car it was and went and spoke to him, even inviting him to go and look at the van. All the kid could say was 'it's white paint, so it must have been a van - i've been and looked at other vans round the area, so it must have been you'.

Furthermore, the 'witnesses' are his mum and sister, (whom my dad has also spoken to), who stated 'we saw you going up the road slowly, so it must have been you'.

My dad remembers crawling up the road at a snails pace, because people always double park on it.

Obviously when he gets the NIP, i'll provide specific info, but what's best to do next? My dad insists on going to the Police and saying 'it wasn't me guvnor', but I said not to wake the sleeping beast having read some of the info on here.

Obviously with no damage to my dad's works van (it belongs to his employer) and crap witnesses, this shouldn't hold much water (i'd hope).

I would get my dad to post, but it would be painfully slow and he doesn't have a computer.
im not sure approaching witnessess was the best idea, but its done now,, he should return the form, if he want to include a complete denial with the form then he can do so, but dont start ranting on about dodgy witnessess etc, just it wernt me guv

the police may then contact him for more info and or an interview and then we can take it from there
Hang on, his employers must return the form they have received, naming your Dad. In due course he will then receive his own form, and that is the one he must return.

I did tell him it wasn't the best thing to have spoken with them, but he only told me all this on Wednesday (and it had already happened).

I've now told him to speak with me (so I can check with you guys) before doing anything else.
most of these seem to calapse, if just met with denial, its odds on they just want the insurance money and will bottle it when faced with the prospect of being cross examined in court, and they are not ussualy bright enough to come up with a convincing story

but its just hang on and see,, are there any van inspectioned carried out under the opertors liciense re condition damage etc
roadrunner 163

Since your dad has spoken to them. get him to write what he can down. Pay particular attention to the terminology used as this helps give authenticity and credibility to his account. A few images of the van would not go a miss although as time has passed not hugely relevant now.

Criminal side wont hold much water if there are no independent witnesses, no damage and a half cocked reason for suspecting his van in the first place. chances are bib are going through the motions.

I also suggested some photos of the van wouldn't go a miss. Apparently someone at his work gave it the once over after the NIP was received. - no damage noted.

Good idea getting him to write it all down.

Will do.

I'm not aware of any such case on this board (and there are many) that has proceeded to court.

Agree that you should get your father write down what the 'witnesses' said, and await his own NIP.
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