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Full Version: sneeky policeman on the M6 bridge!
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hello mr newbie here just a little advice please.
i was doing between 82 mph approx when i saw the man on the bridge and got down to well past 80 fairly quickly.
speeds depending which are more accurate sat nav or my speedo?
the policeman had a pro laser i believe ,he stopped looking into it as i went under him.
i know it will be difficult to know if i will be done but are there any thoughts?
most important if i do get a letter through the door will i be able to attend an awareness day? i dont want the points.
just to add if a do get done i will be p****d off i mean it was a clear day no cars around me and if i was over it was not by much.
thanks in advance.
is this a policemam with a car stood on a bridge with access to the Mway ?
thanks for the reply.
no police car in sight. no access to the motorway.
i was not stopped.

sorry just 1 officer with a camera on a tripod.
its difficult to say then, they dont have recording equipment on the free standing ones, AFAIK, so he wopuld need to clock and write down your VRM, added to which they like to be able t get on the Mway to give chase if they feel like it

so it coulod quite possible be a APNR camera looking for tax dodgers
thanks. i hope it was ANPR.
when would i hear?
Most speedos over-read significantly, so if yours said 82, you were probably doing a few mph less. Anything under 79 would not normally see any action taken against you.

However, if it was a speed gun, they have a range of up to 999m, so he may well have seen you well before you saw him...

Only way to know for sure is to wait 14 days (assuming you're the registered keeper) and see if anything turns up in the post, but it sounds like you have a reasonable chance of being OK.
great thanks.
fingers crossed.
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