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Full Version: Ex employer with holding a a NIP?
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gavin pit
Hello Everyone,

I used to work for a guy and recently left on bad terms he now for some reason wants a forwarding address for me but however but because of the type of person he is and the fact I am just starting in business for the exact same thing as he is currently doing I do not want to hand over this infomation He did have a address for me but he ruined that for me (long story).

However I keep recieving messages through my brother that currently works for him saying that i have speeding notice and i asked my brother to pick it up and drop it off for me so I could sort this However my ex employer is refusing to do so???

the van was leased by the company and not me personally,

what shall i do and where do i stand in regards to this?

just sit back and laulth, IF he really has a notice, its his duty to return it naming you, not yours,, admittedly if he sends it back with the wroing address on, it nmight cause complications further down the line, but nothing you cant sort out, if you really really dont want him to have your address
gavin pit
No I really dont want him to have it Tahnks for the advice!! biggrin.gif
see if you can arrange to check your post at your old ady for a couple of months or try a postal redirect

if he wont send it back, it will cost him about a grand in fines, if that cheers you up any
The way that 'speeding notices' work is that the RK receives a notice which requires him to provide certain information about the driver under s. 172 RTA 1988 or face 6 points and a large fine. If the RK is the driver, he names himself as gets done for speeding. If he was not the driver, he names the driver (or the person responsible for the vehicle at the time). They then receive their own notice and the process starts again.

He is quite right not to send you the notice - he needs to return it with your details. He could send you a copy for your information, but there is no requirement to do so, and as you are being 'uncooperative' it is hardly surprising that he is also.

The police have 6 months from the date of the alleged offence to apply for a summons - and generally need the driver to have returned a completed s. 172 response first - so you would potentially need to avoid receiving an s. 172 notice until 5 months from the date of offence (assuming that you were the driver). If he has the good sense to simply tell the police what he knows, they could probably track you down very quickly - although I see nothing to loose by being evasive at this stage.
maybe, setting up a postal redirect isnt such a good idea then
The Rookie
Absolutely not!

With AF on this, the longer this plays out, the better for you (potentially anyway), he has to tell the Police what he knows, if he tells them your old address, that he knows you moved, and that he doesn't now know where you are, he'll be in the clear, if he fails on that he could be the one in court, if he does do that, I dare say the Police can track you down, but if it takes them 'long enough' it could put you in the clear.

So don't set up a redirect, and don't go to your old addy for mail for at least another 4 months!

Is your brother telling him that he does not know your current address? Presumably you need him to do that.
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