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Hi all,

Long time lurker, but first time I've posted in this part of the site.

I think I was caught this morning by a lone camera van parked on a bridge over an A road. I was in a rush, due to a faulty alarm, and was doing around 85 on a 70 stretch of road. It did have the camera marked on the side, but I hadn't seen it until late due to the bend I was on.

If and when this does arrive, what should I consider doing? I'd rather be prepared for the worst. This would be my first, and I have 0 points on my license which I've held for 4 years.
Write back asking for any available photographs to assist in identifying the driver, making no mention of proof or evidence which you are not entitled to at this stage. Most forces will send these or direct you to a website. Then you should be able to confirm it was your car. If you wash off the details and post it up here following the directions in the FAQs, people will be able to tell you if it is a clean ping. This does not stop the time running on the 28 days you have to respond. Failing to identify the driver is a much more serious offence than speeding, so do not risk that.

You would probably be offered a fixed penalty for 85 in a 70.
That was the line I was looking to take, having read the guides. Will keep an eye out in the post for the next few days. Bit gutted, as I don't normally drive to work, this was the first time in months. It'll be my own fault though
Just for notes, believe was this bridge it was at,264.78,,0,5

May have been one of the others further down heading towards Chichester.
Had the NIP today, 84 in a 70. Detailed as the Newells Lane overbridge, and link below. I was travelling eastbound.,98.55,,0,5

Have fired of a letter to Sussex requesting the photos, any other points I should be aware of?
Was there any FAQ sheet with the NIP that indicated a SAC might be on the table? As Sussex are in the National scheme, they may well be using the higher eligibility thresholds which would make 84 OK. If there isn't anything with the NIP, it would be worth a telephone call to the CTO on Monday to set your mind at rest. If not, at least you'll be eligible for a COoFP (Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty) if it is a clean ping.
There is an FAQ, and it does mention speed awareness. First driving thing I've had, so no points. Hopefully they'll offer that if the ping is clear.

I tried to look on top of the bridge using google, but it's not on streetview. Pretty sure though I've seen regular cars parked across the top of there though, so might have a drive tomorrow.

Sidenote on the SAC, I'm due to go in for knee surgery, and have my appointment date of the 31st March. I won't be able to drive for a bit, and just wondering the likelyhood of a postponement if they offer around that date.
they say you must complete a SACs by a certain date, so you have SOME f;lexability

however a lot of regions only give them for 30 lkimits, try googling the camera partnership for that area
Apart from Scotland and Durham police, all other forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland currently offer Speed Awareness Courses. AFAIAA, none of the forces restrict themselves to 30mph SAC eligibility - it is a valuable income stream that diverts the generated fees away from the court system and would not make business sense to alienate the 50% of drivers who speed in other speed limits.

The fact that your FAQ mentions the SAC, means that the offence is eligible (and as you say it is your first offence then you personally will be eligible, too). There would be a different version of the FAQ for non-SA eligible offences.

You would be given a 'Critical date' by which to attend your course - usually between 4 -4½ months from the offence date. As the course is a classroom-based course, you may need to get someone to courier you to the course if you aren't back driving by the time of your course, unless you can arrange for it before the end of March. Another point to consider would be price. Some of the partnership course fees have already gone up, but for those that haven't, a national price rise of 20 quid is planned for 1 April for the forces who are in the National scheme.
Thanks for all the info guys, much appreciated.

Sidenote, I've had the picture of this offense today, and can clearly identify myself. However, should I upload it to this thread as a scan, or is it better to PM individuals for advice?
Wash off the details and post it up here following the directions in the FAQs, and people will be able to tell you if it is a clean ping.
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