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Full Version: 2 months to serve PCN?
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Hi All,

My wife has just received via Enterprise a parking ticket from Central Bedfordshire council for "30 parketd for longer than permitted" on 22/11/2010.

At the time she had a hire car to replace one of ours that was stolen. At the time she said she wondered if she had got a ticket as something had blown off the car when she drove off but assumed someone had left a leaflet on the window.

We didn't hear anything until this morning when we've received a letter from Enterprise Traffic Violations Department with a copy of the ticket dated 20/01/2011 (PCN was served on 22/11/2010).

At the top of the page it says Notice to Owner (NtO) and payment has to be made to Vinci Park Services UK Ltd.

Is there a time limit on these offences?

£85.00 to over stay a Free to park 30min bay by a couple of minutes seems excessive (Rising to £110.00 if not paid within two weeks) - but that does include Enterprises £35.00 to write us a letter to tell us we've got a fine!

You post is not clear have you been sent a NTO by the Council or have enterprise sent you a copy of a NTO sent to them? If its the latter there is nothing you can do but pay it or refuse but will probably just get billed by Enterprise. You cannot at this stage appeal the ticket as you are not the keeper. Enterprise should either appeal on your behalf or deny liability as a hire company and you will then be sent your own NTO direct from the council to which you can appeal.
I'm not clear either wht this is...suspicious it is a private ticket but references to council and notice to owner make it unclear.

Each have specific needs when dealing with them and hire company can get in the way and also needs specific action.

Suggest you post a copy of the letter and NTO so we can see and advise properly.

Don't make any payment or make other action until we can advise.
Is this Milton Keynes where Vinci have some kind of partnership with the council ?

There have been a couple of threads where the council is effectively acting as a PPC.

If this is really a PPC ticket, Enterprise can whistle for their £35 because their T&C only allow them to charge for tickets etc issued by proper authorities. If they've taken it from your credit card you'll have to report it as an unauthorised charge.
Agreed. It is unclear at present what we are dealing with. Showing the paperwork will reveal all.
Hi All,

Sorry for the late reply....

Enterprise sent us a letter with the ticket (to them) attached. They have now notifyed Vinci that my wife was the driver at the time and that we should get our own ticket in due course.

It mentions that we failed to pay the ticket within 14 days (but we never saw the ticket).

I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Take off the ticket reference number and your personal details.
Just to be clear for anyone reading
The "letter" is a copy of an NTO from Central Bedfordshire Council which was sent to Enterprise

Yes you will probably be getting one of your very own and will need to deal with it when it arrives.
Nowt you can do about it till it does except put together whatever info you can remember about the day inquestion.

What do you mean about Enterprise charging £35?
How have they justified it?
Have you checked t&c on hire agreement?
The system is working, which makes a change.

Driver gets PCN; doesn't respond; registered keeper gets notice to owner; replies that they are a hire company and that the person hiring the car is liable to pay the penalty charge; council issues new notice to owner to the hirer. That's what you're waiting for.

Come back when you get it.

You're in the "lucky" position of being able to scrutinise the accuracy of this council's NTO before you even get it.

Given their unequivocal statement that the NTO will be cancelled if one or more of the statutory grounds of representation is established, I forecast that you should be OK. The list of statutory grounds to be listed on a NTO is dependent on the alleged contravention and the process to date. This is not optional, it is a mandatory requirement (albeit one that is not often scrutinised, other than on this site). So let's see what their NTO to you states when it arrives.


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