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Full Version: Failure to stop at an accident advice
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hello all, just after some advice

whilst driving to work this morning, im 95% sure, me and another car hit wing mirrors on a single track road with passing places on either side.

as i came around a corner, the oncoming driver had just driven passed the passing place in his side and seemed to have no intention of reversing back. we meandered on and i thought id slightly curbed my car on the passenger side. when i got further on, i noticed that my drivers side wing mirror was folded in. when i got to work, i checked it out and there was no damage to my wing mirror, it has been hit off previously and i thought that it couldnt have been that bad seeing as though my already dodgy mirror hadnt fell off.

when i told the lads at work, they said that i should have stopped to check the other car, which is reasonable if id have noticed it then. Ive also been told i should report it to the police as i could be done for failing to stop- ive got no reg, mo car model, no damge or even a look at the driver, what would be the point?

any advice would be greatly appreciated
yes they are right, you could if the other driver got your number and reports you, how likely that is i dont know, but we know it has happened, not sure id bother myself, but if they catch up with you, youl be g;ad you did
It seems unlikely they could have got your number without turning round, any more than you could have got his.
hey guys

your suspicions are exactly what i thought, just the scare mongerers at work!

i phoned and reported it anyway, i was told it isnt really a reportable incident unless i knew i had actually done some damage, which i have no idea. Got a reference number anyway, so if anything comes of it atleast ive tried to do the right thing

thanks for your help anyway, its always appreciated!
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