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Full Version: Confused RE: CBT and Full car license.
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I have had a full car license for about 3 years so Im out of the new driver era there. I currently have 3 points.

Iv not long ago (about 4 month ago, not even used it yet due to the shocking weather its not been worth the risk.) taken my CBT and got my self a 50CC moped for the short 2 mile commute.

Tonight I was caught doing 37 in what has recently changed to 30 road (beside the point really). Iv been given a producer for £60 and 3 points.

Will my CBT/right to ride the 'ped be taken away? Im unsure as I have had a full License for over 2 years.

My findings tell me that if I have a car license for over 2 and then get a full bike license I don't have the 2 years new driver era so Im thinking the same applies.

Thanks in advance.
no, is the short answer

the longer answer is, they cant take your cbt of you anyway, just the test pass, aftyer your correct, once youve been qualified for over two years on anything your clear of the new driver bollux
You only have one licence, and that entitles you to drive different classes of vehicles which you can add to, you do not have a separate licence for each class. The New Drivers Act applies to the two years after passing your first test of whatever class, so you are out of the probationary period.
Thanks guys thats put me at ease! Iv spent 4.5 hours trying to find a solid answer my self...

I knew I could get a quick reliable answer here but I didnt want hit you with a annoying FAQ.

its fine mate we love easy questions

want to tell us about the4 speeding ?
Some words of caution. A modern moped by definition cannot do 37 mph (unless downhill) unless de-restricted. If derestricted it becomes a motorcycle and requires a dip and main beam and a number plate lamp. These may be fitted but there is no requirement. Bear in mind you do not have a motorcycle license and your insurance may be invalid.

Police in some areas have a portable dynamometer and check on the roadside. Theoretically you are illegal.
Whilst that is correct Spanner345, I have ridden a couple of brand spanking new 50cc mopeds home for people over the years, and both of them easily did 35mph plus on level ground, with the new owner riding pillion on the back. It is probably because the methods used to limit the power output do not give the manufacturers a precise way of limiting speed.

And before you say it: Yes I have a full motorcycle license, and yes I was insured, and no there were no L plates fitted! wink.gif
Sadly this is going on.

In my view a 30mph moped is dangerous, 40 would be more sensible. But it's the law! rolleyes.gif

P.S. when fitting L plates, do not cover the rear reflector, an awful lot do!
Quite agree, 30mph is a stupid speed to restrict them to, and I agree 40mph would be much better. My first scooter was a 50cc, and after getting my license I had it properly derestricted, and was surprised at the huge increase in fuel economy. It went from 60mpg around town, to 75mpg, so there is another reason to change the legislation to increase the restriction speed to 40mph, IF the guvmint are as interested in being green and ecologically friendly as they would have us believe!

And whilst they're at it, they should allow me to have road tax for free, just like all those Toyota Priuses that do half the distance per gallon that my bike does!!!! Grrr!! Green policies, my *rs*!!!
The Rookie
QUOTE (spanner345 @ Wed, 19 Jan 2011 - 09:45) *
Some words of caution. A modern moped by definition cannot do 37 mph (unless downhill) unless de-restricted.

Not strictly true of course, a 5occ moped has to have a maximum design speed of 30mph, it may be able to do more quite legally as long as it is going faster due to a failure in the manufacturers design and not due to 'tampering'.

My Nephew got clocked at about 45mph on his 'restricted' (ahem) 50cc, L plates obvious in the photo, no-one asked any questions.

i read that as the op been caught speeding in a car as they state they havnt had a chance to use the cbt as yet!!!!
Good spot recoveryman36, I think you're right.
dont think it really matters as the op seems to not want to give more detail now he is satisfied he is not loosing his cbt
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