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on 28th December I passed a mobile camera van on a bridge on the M6 near Penrith. I spoteed the van and reduced my speed. I may have been doing just over 100mph before I slowed. I have not recieved the NIP. What happens next can they still take action. I am the named driver and the address has not changed so no reason why it should not come to me.

Thanks Cbaz
Did you mean to say registered keeper (and not named driver)? Or is the car leased and the leasing company have you as the named driver of the vehicle?

Of course the van may have no been detecting speeders, it may have been operating ANPR.
If a NIP was posted on time but has been delayed in the post, the onus will be on you to prove that it arrived late. Try and get a witness to the arrival of the post for the next few days (may be easier said than done) - in the landmark case the defendant caught the postman as he delivered it, and got him to act as a witness.

Of course, this only applies of you are the registered keeper (is this what you mean by named driver?). If it's a company or lease car the RK is almost certainly someone else, and the 14 day rule only applies to the NIP which is sent to them.

Camera vans have a range of 999m and usually see you before you see them, so the fact that you braked may not help much. But even if it was a speed camera van, it wasn't necessarily working at the time you passed it - the operators could have been setting up the equipment, shutting it down, on a fag break etc., so it's not unusual to pass a van at speed and hear nothing (I keep telling myself this as I'm having my own anxious wait after an encounter with a van near Penrith).
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