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Full Version: 14 rule?!?
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My partner got caught speeding by a mobile unit on the 23 December in a company vehicle. They have received the NIP today, does it still stand as it is not within 14days, any advice very much appreciated.
enfield freddy
if it was a company vehice , the would have written to the company , who would have replied , then the nip resent to your wife , no cop out as such
Can you be clear who the NIP is addressed to - the company or your partner ?

If it's the company and their name (not a lease company) is on the registration documents this is possibly a late NIP.

If it did go to a lease company first they've replied with indecent (and unhelpful) haste.

If the NIP is addressed to the company, they must reply themselves, not give it to your partner. If they do pass it on he/she should give it back to them just before the deadline and remind them of their duty.

Your partner must only reply to a NIP that has been addressed to him/her by name.
It was addressed to my partners company and they have contacted him, as he had the company van that day, so he has no alternative but to admit and take responsibility for the form doesn't he? I just wondered because it was after the 14 day, if this could stand as a technicality?!
It may be possible for him to take advantage of the 14 day rule if his company is first in the chain and it arrived late. The date on the NIP is important - was it issued late, slow post or simply arrived during the company holiday ?

Regarding the form - he must not fill it in himself. That is the responsibility of a company officer such as a director or the fleet manager. The form states very clearly that it must not be passed on to the driver.

All your partner should do is confirm to the company that he was in charge of the van that day - as late as possible. He will receive his own NIP later when he can admit that he was the driver.
If its a company car, then a lease company may have been the RK.
Thanks for replies
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