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Full Version: Hounslow CCTV PCN for Stopping in a Bus Stop
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Hi everyone,

I wonder if there is any way to contest this PCN I have just received from Hounslow?
I stopped my car at the end of a bus stop for just over one minute to pick up my wife (she did some putting of things in the boot, hence the longer time) and obviously got caught on CCTV.
Its a very long bus stop and no obvious mention of CCTV signage if that helps.


Stopping in bus stops usually incurs zero tolerance. Best you can do is check the signage is correct. Was the stop a separate stop or part of a bus lane? Your thread title states bus lane. I have looked at the images but still seek clarification.

974 sign:
Sorry I meant to say Bus Stop not Bus lane and have amended the title of the thread
I visited today and signage looks correct, i.e. there is a sign at the very other end of the bus stop saying no stopping and the bus stop markings appear correct.
Have a look at the diagram, i dont think the bus stop complies. The current wording eats into the edge of the carriageway (thick yellow) line and there should also be small gaps (100mm) at each end of the edge of carriageway line.

OK. Let's wait for the pictures. Are there warning signs of CCTV enforcement? (Penultimate ground is irrelevant: bus stops do not require an order.)

The problem here is, even if the paintwork is defective, an adjudicator might just say de minimis non curat lex applies: it's fairly obvious it is a bus stop. I suppose the argument at present is that there is only one pole sign so, perhaps measure the length of the bus stop.
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