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Full Version: Need a pointer to some information, please.
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Hello. A friend of mine was zapped on his motorbike in the Essex Police area. He received a Section 172 request and completed it. He has now received a summons. The speed he is accused of travelling at is within, but towards the top end of, the guidelines for a fixed penalty, although they have not chosed to proceed in this way. There appear to be no other factors involved as he was travelling with and behind another friend who has not been accused of speeding. He has never received any other points or convictions for any other offence.

I have suggested that he plead guilty by letter with a plea that it was a momentary lapse, as evidenced by his record, and ask the mags. to punish him in accordance with a fixed penalty. Is my advice to him appropriate?

Secondly, I have seen guidelines for a similar plea on here and now cannot find it. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Many thanks in advance.
Best idea is to get your friend to post in here, starting with the NIP wizard.

All too often simple questions like this end up much more complex as all the info is not available.
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