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Full Version: not recieved letter
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Hi guys,

im brand new here so please bear with me

now i have a problem. i got made redundant from work on the 17th november 2010. on the day i got made redundant, my ex boss phoned me up to say he had a letter that said i was caught speeding on the M6 motorway near cumbria. It said i was caught by a camera on a overhead bridge doing 77 in a 70. cant remember seeing camera but as its normally only me driving the van, i can only assume it was me driving as it was that long ago. I was however told approx 2 weeks before this that i had been caught speeding by my other boss so all in all, i think it must have been around the middle or the end of october when i committed the offence

i told my ex boss that he need to send the letter back off and put my deatails on it telling the police that i was the one driving. he told me that he did not have to do that but i had to phone them with a ref number. anyway, couldnt be bothered arguing with him so i phoned the number the next day, gave them the ref number and explained that my boss said i had to ring them. girl on the other end of phone took my name, dob and phone number and told me that my boss did indeed have to send the form back off with all my details on. I phoned my boss the same day and advised him of this. he said he would fill it in and send it off.

now that was over 5 weeks ago and i have heard nothing. As the company i was working for was struggling financially, my ex boss has moved units and as i know what he's like, im assuming he still has not sent the letter where does that leave me??

i dont want the police to fine me for not responding or whatever!! what should i do?? any chance i can get away with this as its took them that long??

help much appreciated
You are absolutely right, it is entirely the responsibility of your ex-employers to complete and return any form sent to them, you have no responsibility at all. If no letter has been sent to you, you have no obligation to do anything at all. The only danger is that a letter has been sent to you, but you have not received it. Have you moved house or had any trouble with post in the past?

Sooner or later, if he has not replied, your ex-boss or his company are liable to be summonsed to court for failing to reply, which may stir him into activity and he may name you officially at that point. That might result in you receiving a summons for the speeding, but the information relating to that has to be laid before a court within 6 months of the offence, so it could time out. The longer it all goes on, the more it strengthens any argument that you cannot remember who was driving, if other people also drove it.
as its you EX employer, i def ignore it and see what happens, you cant get in more trouble by doing that, and as explained above, it may get you off
If he hasn't returned it by now, your ex-employer is in line for a hefty fine. No excuses, you warned ex boss enough times.

Nothing for you to do except wait and see.
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