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Full Version: Query regarding a verbal NIP - was it done right?
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Got stopped last night - here's what happened:

Driving round a roundabout following a red Saxo into a long 40 limit with a right hand kink halfway and ending in an uphill left turn - total distance approx 1 mile.

Saxo was full of kids and I waited until after the kink to overtake as the road is blind. The road was clear and I timed my overtake so I started accelerating prior to the kink to get momentum.
As I was halfway past the Saxo the kids thought they'd gun it - I had the momentum and more grunt to get past and back in well before the end, but that's where the problems began.

Towards the end of the road there is a right junction and there was a Police van approaching the junction.
I saw him and knew he will have clocked me, so over the hill I pulled up the next road on my left and waited. Right enough he came up with the blue lights on so I switched off my engine, lights off and got out the car with my keys in my hand and greeted the solitary officer.

He asked what speed I was doing - I said I didn't know as I had just overtaken the Saxo and I was concentrating on the road rather than the speedo.
He asked what limit it was - I said 50 (it was a 50 prior to the roundabout)
He asked what speed I think I was doing - I said I didn't know - he asked me to guess so I said 60 or 70

He then told me that it is a 40 limit and by my own admission I had been traveling at 60-70. I said that it was purely a guess and he waived me silent saying that it doesn't matter - but I had verbally admitted to going 60+
I said that it was following an overtaking procedure and that I started to slow down immediately, but he said it didn't matter if I was overtaking or not. 40mph is the limit.

He said that it also went against me that I had tried to evade him and got stuck up a dead end road. I told him that I didn't try to evade him, but that I knew he would probably come after me so I had stopped and waited for him. He said that it didn't matter that I saw the blue lights - I iterrupted him saying that I didn't see the blue lights until he pulled into the road

He asked for Docs and I produced my current MOT and out of date insurance doc - I am insured (feb15th), but just had the old doc in the car (put the right one in now tho tongue.gif)
He tried to call the insurance company, but they couldn't give any info over the phone (saturday night @00:00)

He took all my details (name/address/car) and said he had a priority task to do at the time and due to my conduct (polite and was helpful) he would let me go for now, but he's conduct further checks on me and that he may dispach a NIP within the next 14 days
He then did the usual speeding bad... might kill one of the drunk kids that wander about from the nearby estate thing - which is fair enough (shoudn't they try stopping 12yr olds getting pissed?)

and that was that

I signed nothing and all he has is my car Reg and model (had to correct him. He thought it was an Orion rather than a Sierra) and personal details.

Legally speaking - has he followed the right procedure to give me a NIP?
Shouldn't I sign something - there's no evidence and only his word against mine?

*Edit* just read the readme - It happened in Surrey - England
There's nothing laid down as to what they have to say (e.g. like the caution). However, based on your description of events, I don't think that you could argue with a straight face that he had not given you such information that you were not aware that the resultant prosecution would be exceeding the speed limit.
In any case, even if he hadn't, he would just lie and say he had.
The courts will always believe him.
FYI: Nothing happened.
2 weeks came and went. Nowt in the post
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