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Full Version: Fail to comply with traffic light signal(camera)
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I've just received NIP for fail to comply with traffic light(camera) at A6104 Victoria Avenue, JCT Rochdale Road, Manchester. I'm the owner of the vehicle, but the car was driven by friend of mine, because I feel tired. We were going to Manchester Airpot, because 3 friends of mine including the driver have to fly to Bulgaria.There was a Diverted traffic on M62 and we were completely confused by the signs, and driving around at least 30 min., couldn't find the way to the airport. The driver got EU driving license, and it was his first time to visit uk and to drive in UK. On the photographic evidence was written: 33.5 sec as vehicle has passed sensors after stop line.

What should I do? Shall I write down my name as a driver?

no, that would be an offence all on its own to name yourself if you know someone else was def driving

im not supprised you were lost, that no=where near the airport and if you keep on up vicky ave you end up in oldham, which is also nowhere near the airport

il ask the big question, was your friend insured to drive your car, that means you know he was insured and can prove it to the court, coz if the name him at an address else where than the uk, that what the police will ask you to do

at 33 secs in the red, it would very likely end up in court
He wasn't insured. We decided that it was better he drove, because he felt better than me. Do u think I can rely on penalty, and what is most likely to happen if i go to the court?
You must name the driver correctly, naming anyone else would result in you perverting the the course of justice, which could end up with you getting a prison sentence. No one will help you go down that route. If you do name the other driver correctly then he would most likely be prosecuted in court for the red light offence and possibly the insurance offence if that angle is investigated. You may also be prosecuted for allowing the vehicle to be driven without insurance, which would be be a minimum 6 points for you.

Of course you could just ignore the NIP and any follow ups, but you would be prosecuted for failing to furnish which would be also be 6 points and a large fine.
your missing the point, if you name yourself and your caught, you risk a jail sentance, how likely you are to be caught is an unkpown, but we arnt going to recommend you do so, for all sorts of reasons, not least of which is we could be in the next cell

if you name him, youl get done for permitting no insurance, 6 points

if you name nobody, youl get six points for not replying

if he had a uk contact address you could namne him there, but at 33s in to the red, it may as said end up in court, where it would be three points but a masive fine, possibly a short ban

your between a rock and a hard place,, as seems to happen a lot with people who have east european friends

is your friend just a creation of your imagination for the purpose of trying to get off with it ?, as the pub myth will have it, then tell us and we can give proper advice
roadrunner 163
don't underestimate the severity of naming the incorrect driver. Many have done it and got away with it. however a surprising number have found themselves before a judge, jury and a very thick metal door.

As the previous posts say but i will add

you may get prosecuted for using / permitting with no insurance depending on how cooperative the driver is and how deeply the SCP look into the driving documents.

That said, as Jobo pointed out the driver MUST exist otherwise your going to end up in a much bigger pile than you are now. Don't forget its not hard for them to check flight records, passenger details etc as most forces have police permanently based on the immigration control at ports and can do these checks for them.

smile.gif Just looking for easiest way to go out of situation. I was the driver, but with me we were 3 people going to airport and speed(15 mph) shows that it wasn't intentional act. I don't even remember the situation. I was little nervous of driving around without any positive exit, we were pressured by time, its normally in these diversion just to be distacted from signs and everything else. Sorry for not telling the exactly truth.
Either you were lying before, or you are now. Either way it's a waste of time for people to give advice if they can have no confidence in the facts they rely on when doing so. Bye.
QUOTE (Nikodey @ Sat, 27 Nov 2010 - 15:05) *
speed(15 mph) shows that it wasn't intentional act.

33.5 seconds into a red light.

How? confused2.gif
QUOTE (Nikodey @ Sat, 27 Nov 2010 - 12:56) *
the car was driven by friend of mine

QUOTE (Nikodey @ Sat, 27 Nov 2010 - 15:05) *
I was the driver

QUOTE (Nikodey @ Sat, 27 Nov 2010 - 15:05) *
Sorry for not telling the exactly truth.

The ONLY advice you'll get from this forum is to name THE driver. Get caught lying and you're facing jailtime.

If we believe your original post, which was written before you discovered the penalties for allowing an uninsured driver to drive your car, you need to name him. Simple.
The OP has been banned. Topic closed.
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