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Full Version: Parking in a CPZ Appeal
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Hi there I was wondering if anyone could help me.

I recieved a parking ticket a few months back which I believed I had grounds to appeal on (parked in a Controlled Parking Zone). I wrote back to the Council to which they replied with page upon page of reasons why I should have got the ticket and to say it would be going to an independent ajudicator. Due to the amount of evidence they had compiled ( even though my original appeal still was valid ) I decided to pay the fine in case it got raised again as I cannot afford it at the moment (unemployed)

Just got a letter today from the Independent Ajudicator saying that they have found in my favour and the fine should be cancelled. Now where do I stand as I have already paid, do the council have to give me back the £120 or as I paid does it mean I defaulted an accepted?

Many thanks .
The letter usually says 'any monies paid should be refunded' does it?
The Adjudicator directs London Borough of Croydon to cancel the Penalty Charge Notice and the Notice to Owner.

This is all that is said, then the reasons why they had agreed with my appeal.

Sorry to bump.

After checking previous correspondence the hearing was suppose to have been on the 25th of September, would it normally takr this long to recieve a decision?
No you usually hear back within a few days. Regardless of the delay a win is a win, you need to get on to Croydon and ask for a refund if they refuse come back and get more advice.
Cheers I will be on to them first thing Monday morning will update with any progress.
Neil B
Phone and explain to PATAS if no luck with Croydon at first.

Was the Adjudicator aware you had paid??

-- and don't do it again!!!! There is no risk of an increased penalty once a PATAS appeal is submitted!

The chance of (minimal) costs being awarded against you is circa 0.6%.
late issue of written decision means a backlog - or its a 'thorny case' for the adjudicator.

its worth posting up all the papers.

Afternoon, spoke to Croydon Council to be informed they were processing my refund as I contacted them, should have the money back within 28 days.

Thanks you everyone that contributed.
Get that in writing.
I got the mans name who I spoke to and he said to contact him after 28 days if I had not recieved payment. Should I still ask for it in writing?
Always best to.

Take a look at Davey Weir's ongoing thread to see why, if you like. It's been almost 2 years and they still haven't paid, even though the perosn has now got a county court judgement against them.
Neil B
QUOTE (robtubman @ Mon, 22 Nov 2010 - 15:22) *
I got the mans name who I spoke to and he said to contact him after 28 days if I had not recieved payment. Should I still ask for it in writing?

100% yes! get it in writing. Get their e-mail address - all significant posts have them at Croydon. Send message confirming details of phone call and asking them to acknowledge. 'BC' the e-mail back to yourself.

I took their word back in August that they would 'process' a payment due to me. Instead they tried to take me to Court for £7K they thought I owed them!!!
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