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Full Version: Clamping nightmare
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Dan m
Car clamping.

Sorry for the length of this. I have just been recommended this site as I need some advice

So I came back to my flat after an interview to get changed. A small co-op is right next to my flat so I parked on there to buy a drink and a newspaper. It's tipping it down and starting to get dark. I then walked around to my flat (leaving the car there), got changed and went back to the car (10-15 mins later). I find a clamp on my driver's front wheel. The guy walked up to me and says I have to pay £245 to get the clamp removed. With little income at the moment and enough to get by, I obviously can't afford it. I call the police and they say there's a sign so there's nothing that can be done. I called gramps to come down and he argues it's extortionate. So we leave the car and go home, trying to think the best way to handle it. We come up with the money, go back and they have ordered to get the car removed. They added £100 cancellation fee to have the truck sent home, which at this point we got abit annoyed. They said if we can come up with £345 we can get the car released. So we went to the cash point, got the amount out, and went back to the car. The truck had arrived and they wanted to add another £250 to get the car back (nothing they can do apparently at this point). They had already started to pull the car up the ramp but the bumper is too low. They say if it causes damage they're not liable. But after some arguing they decided they can just accept £345. We realised after the rush we had only £340. They wouldn't let us off the £5 (so we went back to the cashpoint for the third time to get a tenner out).

Now I know there will be new laws next year but surely their demands are insanely out of order as the law stands?

The company is called SPS, operating in Telford, Shropshire.
Revolting behaviour - I really hope you win this one.

Did you get a receipt? If so, scan up all sides of it here.

Also can you take photos of where you parked - and close-up photos of the warning signs - and also photos of the signs taken from the spot where you parked?
Dan m
Hey thanks for the swift response.

Yeah we've got the receipt, there's no VAT registered number on it which is abit fishy. I can take pictures of it and the signs/car park tomorrow for you.

The problem on the day (my first time parking there ever, only moved into the flat on Saturday) was it was pouring with rain and starting to get dark. The signs are quite clear but visibility was very poor yesterday.

That is the company. The site is amateur as fook. Looks like they can get anyone to become a self-employed scammer
Post up the receipt. It's very likely that some legally required information is missing.

Clampers like this are not going to respond to court action. You will have to find out who employed this company and bring a claim against them. The first port of call is the land-owner - check the Land Registry.

Unless the sign or the receipt has some extra information, it might be difficult to identify SPS because the website about SPS Group does not provide this information. This is an offence.

My suspicion is that the company is SPS Security Torbay Ltd. One of the directors is part of Premier Park Ltd, a company in Exeter with a reputation for similar behaviour. Another company that fits the description is S.P.S. Group Ltd (Registration 1509909) but they are dissolved.
QUOTE (Gan @ Fri, 19 Nov 2010 - 02:05) *
Clampers like this are not going to respond to court action. You will have to find out who employed this company and bring a claim against them. The first port of call is the land-owner - check the Land Registry.

Read posts # 67 to # 76 here to see if this tactic helps you trick the Land Owner into revealing who contracted the Clampers -

Also try the LRO website, and try phoning them to get an idea of who the Landowner and/or Leaseholders are - that will help you narrow down who exactly contracted the PPC to operate there -

Land Registry Office phone - Customer Support Line - 020 8781 9103

I presume you are a tenant.

Do you know who contracted the clampers? If it happens to be your landlord and there is no mention in your lease, you are on very strong ground, IMHO.
Dan m

My flat on the right.
Do not send any letter of complaint. You need to send a NBA.
Dan m
Oh OK... A Notice Before Action... How do I construct this notice and who do I send to? Parking company and landowner or Co-op?

I will post up a receipt tonight
Notice Before Action.

This is a letter stating (without any emotive language) simply what happened, why you believe the actions were unjust or unlawful, and a demand that they refund you in full within X days (10? 14? whatever you feel is reasonable) or you will begin legal proceedings.

This should be sent to the clampers, AND the people who contracted them. This might be the Co-Op or the landowner of the site, or possibly a managing agent. I would begin researching who this is, maybe a call to the co-op (don't give them any details of why you want to know, or what happened to you, you simply want the name of the organisation who contracted the clampers), or the Land Registry website (add any costs on to your claim).

You will be targetting BOTH as the contracting party is jointly and severally liable for the actions of their agent (the clampers). If you take action against the clampers alone they will just ignore any court judgement you obtain.

The sign is small and not well positioned. Also it doesn't make clear (unless you stand one foot in front of it and squint) that clamping will take place for breach of their 'contract terms'. This makes it likely that you were completely unaware that by parking where you did you were at risk of being clamped. See Vine v Waltham Forest.

That's just for starters. Post up the receipt as well, there may be more.
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