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Full Version: Camera hidden behind a gantry
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HI everyone

I haven't received the NIP yet or more likely the summons (Gulp!) but I have just sped past a Camera van sitting over the M25 just after the M40 junction, clockwise. I'm sure I got clocked even though there is a Gantry over the M25 supporting the signs and of course the variable speed limit cameras which obscured the van until the last minute. Yes, I know I shouldn't have been exceeding the limit but I do wonder if this technique of obscuring the trap is permitted. I thought that motorists had to have at least fair visibility of any speed cameras?

Just thought I'd check even though I am sure I am doomed to a ban (probably just over 100mph at the time I spotted the van and camera). sad.gif
The Rookie
No visibility requirement for you to be done at all I'm afraid, that was part of Labours BS spin, thye told you they did, but never made it a legal requirement.

no mate, they dont have to be obvious

but are you sure it was a camera van and not an anpr van
Transit man
QUOTE (jobo @ Mon, 11 Oct 2010 - 18:46) *
but are you sure it was a camera van and not an anpr van the variable speed cameras are already at that spot. I assume they work at 70+ when not illuminated, so I'm thinking that a scammera van would be unnecessary, but of course, not impossible.
The variable speed cameras are not operational, unless things have changed recently.
I can only hope and pray it was an ANPR van - I think I spotted an unmarked further up the M25 which would then make sense - waiting to pull anyone. I think there was a camera on a pole which doesn't fit with the usual experience where you see cameras pointing out of the back or the side. As regards the variable speed cameras, I have no idea if they operate when the variable speed signs come on, but they have never flashed anyone whizzing past me on the M-way (I do normally stick to the speed limit, honest guv).
QUOTE (Transit man @ Mon, 11 Oct 2010 - 19:49) *
I assume they work at 70+ when not illuminated,

They work and they are approved for use when no variable limit is in place.

Whether they are (or will be) used in such circumstances is a question the relevant authorities have been reluctant to answer..
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