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Full Version: NIP - SAC from Gloucestershire police?
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I've just received a NIP after being caught by a camera van on the A40 between Cheltenham and Oxford. I was doing 72 in a 60 mph area. Does anyone have any experience of being offered a SAC by Gloucestershire police? Can I request this or do I have to complete and return the NIP giving my details and wait for their decision? TIA folks.
you can request, but i doubt it will do any good, your either eligible or your not,, and a lot only do them for thirty limits,,, but someone here will know

do the nip wiz and lets see if there are any other issues
Info on SAC in Gloucestershire;-

No details of qualifying speeds, or limits, though.
Hotel Oscar 87
My recollection is that Gloucestershire only offered courses for up to 39mph in a 30mph limit. That having been said I have read something in the last few weeks about a possible expansion of the scheme (this could have been to offer a driver awareness course such as is offered elsewhere to those involved in minor accidents) but at what stage that is I do not know.
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