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Full Version: Flashed by red light camera
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I was approaching a junction on a 30mph road and the lights turned amber so I braked and stopped with my front wheels on/breaking the white line, it would be quite close, my front wheels may just be over it but I was legitimately trying to stop for the signals (it was raining at the time). I was stationary for a number of seconds (approx 5 or 6) and then there was a flash. The lights turned green and I pulled away and the camera flashed again. Is it likely that I will receive a NIP for this?

The white line sits approx 4ft prior to the signals so I was stopped well before the line of the signals.
The Rookie
The white line is the stop line unless its 'invisible' when its deemed to be the imaginary line between the two lights.

Write and ask for photo's to 'help confirm the driver's ID' or similar and lets see what they have (don't ask for 'proof' or 'evidence') without being rude I suspect had you braked harder you would have stopped in time and the offence is probably complete, most minicabs in my area wander 2 foot over the line EVERY time!

I am sure Simon meant write and ask for photos if you get a NIP.
Thanks for the replies.

Hopefully a NIP doesn't come in but if it does I'll request photos.

You are probably correct, had I braked harder I would have stopped sooner. However, had I not braked at all I probably would have been through the lights before they even turned red.

Is there a standard template for a letter which I could use?
The Rookie
Templates are the spawn of the devil, any template would soon be known to the scammers as such and ignored, always write personal letters.

QUOTE (Damoup @ Wed, 29 Sep 2010 - 12:31) *
I was stationary for a number of seconds (approx 5 or 6) and then there was a flash.

I thought that red light cameras were triggered by movement once the lights had turned to red.

Suppose a lorry crosses the stop line on green but is then stuck in traffic astride the line. I know that if, after the lights have turned to red, he moves forward he commits an offence but if he stays absolutely still until the lights turn green again he commits no offence (assuming it wasn't a box junction of course).

So what's the point of a camera taking two photos of a vehicle in exactly the same place?
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