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Full Version: Fixed Penalty Notice
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Hi all.

Today, i recieved a Fixed Penalty notice with the offence code N097 Unnecessary Obstruction. when i examined the ticket, i found 2 things wrong with it, The officer put down that it was affixed to my vehicle, when it wasnt, it was issued to me by hand, and also, rather than put down that i own a ford focus, she has put down
Make: Focus Model: Ford Colour: blue

could this incorrect info be enough to get the ticket voided?
none of t5hose actually get you anywhere, do you want to tell us the events
Top Cat
A ticket from a police officer is not like a ticket from private parking companies (which can often be ignored) and councils (which can be invalidated by errors on the ticket).

Police tickets are far harder to get cancelled and the penalties for losing are far steeper.
The Rookie
Case law supports that errors on an FPN are irrelevant should you take it to court where it has no more evidential value than any other piece of paper, if the errors formed part of a larger pattern of poor practice by the officer then it may be enough to cast reasonable doubt, but from what you say, not here.

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