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Full Version: Don't have postal address, police won't fax or email
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Hi. I am in a similar situation. I own a property but haven't been there since February, and there is now no letterbox at that address any longer as I was receiving so much junk mail that it was becoming impossible to open the door whenever I visited it. Since February I have been staying at various friends' houses, and so far none of them have given me permission to use their address for anything official, so my situation currently is that I have no postal address. This hasn't been a problem so far as I've been able to receive bank and utility bills electronically.

I had to renew my car tax disc not long ago, and on the form where it asked for an address I gave them an email address. When, at the DVLA office, they requested proof of a postal address, I showed them a bank statement that I'd had delivered to my mother's address as a one off. They also requested a letter from my mother stating that she was happy for them to use her address, but after she tried to fax that to them and too late we realised she'd faxed the blank reverse side instead of the letter she meant to send, the person at the DVLA office took pity on me, and decided we'd go on the basis that her letter had been received by them!

Anyway, some weeks later, my mother rings me to say she'd received details of an alleged speeding offence involving my car, and asked me what to do with it. She wasn't savy enough to be able to fax or email me a copy, and neither did I have an address I could give her to forward it on, so I asked her to let me know the contact telephone number that the letter was from the any reference number, which she gave me.

I contacted the number on the letter and quoted the reference and told the police officer on the other end of the phone that there was no point in them using my mother's address for such things as I don't visit her very often (maybe once every 3 or 4 months), and that they'd be better to fax or email me the details in order for me to respond with a defence if I find I have one.

So far, the police have simply said that they can't fax or email any details to me, and that they can only send to postal addresses. I don't know what to advice them as I simply don't have a postal address I can give them. I did enquire about attending a police station or setting up a PO box, but the officer said that neither of these were options either!

Can anyone advice on what might happen next? Or what I should reasonably do? I'm considering writing to my MP about this, as the whole process seems a little ridiculous to rely on a postal address when so many people these days are making the lifestyle choice to not have one. I've already given the DVLA an email address, so I don't see that I'm at risk of failing to provide an address, or am I?

Oh, and I'm not currently working either, so I have no work address.

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One case, one thread. Start your own thread and members will more likely see it and assist.

Personally, it's not unreasonable to expect you to have a postal address. Maybe use the one you have and deal with junk mail same way as we all do?
How's this car of yours insured if you've not had a permanent address since February? Even if it's an all-internet insurer, they still must have asked for an address of where the vehicle's normally kept, and expect you to tell them if that changes?

Your more immediate concern, which the more learned members of the forum would provide opinions on, is whether the S172 request being sent to your mother's address (which seems to be the address you've given the DVLA for contacting you) and her ringing you up about it means it's been served, in which case you need to provide a suitable reply within the 28 days (however far in that is now), postal address or not.
The Rookie
Agreeing with CO, and to add, the responce naming the driver has to be in writing. Surely a friedn can agree for your Mum to forward you items of mail on a one-off basis?

You should use a service called 'poste restante' which is specifically for situations like this and allows your mail to be delivered to a local post office branch, and collected by you within 2 weeks.

Details of the (free) service offered by Royal Mail can be found here (Royal Mail Link)
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