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Full Version: 2 PCNs in the same spot on different dates (Matchday)
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My N244 needs to be submitted by 23/09/2010 - so I only really have another 48hours
This is a strange but true scenario but I need help to deal with this case.
Using Ticket 1 and 2 for 'simplicity'.

  • Issued 19/11/08 - Ticket1 issued at Match Day Zone (MDZ)
  • Issued 28/12/08 - Ticket2 issued at Match Day Zone (MDZ)

Correspondence begun with council to question and appeal Ticket1, with subject of emails stating Ticket1.
Following a trail of emails with the subject Ticket1, an electronic/scanned NtO was submitted incorrectly by myself. I had used the NtO for Ticket2 rather than Ticket1 and attached it to the emails with the subject Ticket1 and a Pre-Debt Registration for Ticket 1.
Leicester City Council did not advise that the NtO I had submitted was refering to 2 different tickets - surely they have some obligation to check a NtO which is submitted to them?.

Ticket2 came to adjudication with the Traffic Penalty Tribunal and I won the case - whoppeee biggrin.gif
A. Based on:
  1. Poor signs indicating match day zone
  2. Location of signs
  3. What constitutes a matchday, insufficient evidence from Council

Risk of progressing Ticket1 case is that the Council fills all the gaps

B. Verbally speaking to the Council representative to confirm that the case for Ticket1 would be dropped also (I have requested a transcript/recording of the tribunal as evidence).

Unfortunately Ticket1 is still in dispute and I am now in the motion of completing the N244 for Northampton CC.

Questions to be answered:
Both NCC and LCC advise that they were not the party that refused the Late Witness statement and so I am not given the reason for refusal today.
LCC advise that the case cannot be stopped as it is now being dealt with by NCC but NCC advise LCC is controlling the case on Ticket1?

I would like and need all the additional help to make my case.
My N244 needs to be submitted by 23/09/2010 - so I only really have another 48hours

I contacted the Council 20/9/10 to request that they drop the case but they were not willing to do so advising that they may offer me the chance to pay the GBP70 fine and close the case............

Currently my costs are:
- GBP110 owing to the Council
- GBP200 ish owing to Bailiffs
Further costs are:
- GBP75 for Court fee's following
- GBPAlot for solicitors for Court action

Open to questions as I understand this post is as clear as I can make it at the moment????[font="Century Gothic"][/font]
ford poplar
Please give timelines / corr sent & received for both ticket 1 and ticket 2.
Stop speaking to the council.

If you did not receive any of these:

Charge Cert
Order for Recovery
NOR (if you made an appeal to the NTO)

then do the N244.
Time lines for correspondence:

Ticket 1 - 19/11/2008

  • 22/10/2008 - called LCC to dispute ticket (Subject Ticket1)
  • 23/10/2008 - emailed LCC with photo's and supporting email (Subject Ticket1)
  • 24/10/2008 - LCC supply match day restrictions (Subject Ticket1) - attach?
  • 29/10/2008 - emailed council advising signs are not clear and ambigous in nature (Subject Ticket1)
  • 05/11/2008 - LCC advise pay fine or supply appeal from NtO (Subject Ticket1)
  • 12/11/2008 - 'my deadly sin' - I admitted fault for parking in the spot whilst trying to pay the £35 fine which had escalated to £70 huh.gif "I am at fault in parking where I did on a match day." & "purely unintentional and an oversight having had to visit my ill mother in Hospital" - was looking to avoid all this headache (Subject Ticket1)
  • 19/11/2008 - LCC extended discount period (Subject Ticket1)
  • 20/11/2008 - emailed advise on appealing the fine (Subject Ticket1)
  • NtO not recieved
Ticket 2 - 28/12/2008

  • 12/01/2009 - Bailliffs Pre-Debt registration letter for Ticket 1
  • 19/01/2009 - emailed LCC advising no action taken from my email of 20/11 and mention Ticket2 and request to appeal (Subject Ticket1)
  • 30/01/2009 - chase up on getting response to my email of 19/1(Subject Ticket1)
  • 30/01/2009 - call LCC to get ball rolling (Subject Ticket1)
  • 30/01/2009 - email LCC to advise forms will be completed and returned (Subject Ticket1)
  • 01/02/2009 - email LCC with completed forms 'I had used the NtO for Ticket2 rather than Ticket1 and attached it to the emails with the subject Ticket1 and a Pre-Debt Registration for Ticket 1.' (Subject Ticket1)
  • 03/02/2009 - sent missing Charge certificate for Ticket 1. (Subject Ticket1)
  • 27/03/2009 - Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT) letter advising of appeal against Ticket 2
  • 15/04/2009 - Council case of appeal sent to me against Ticket 2
  • 16/04/2009 - TPT advise council should have sent me their submission against Ticket 2
  • 17/04/2009 - TPT set date for hearing (7/5/09 15:00 Telephone) against Ticket 2

Make representation that I have not provided or followed process for appealing Ticket2 and I had followed process for only Ticket 1 as well as the poor signage.
  • 07/05/2009 - Adjudication finds in my favour - verbal agreement with LCC to revoke Ticket 1
  • 13/05/2009 - Confirmation of victory from TPT against Ticket 2
  • 12/05/2010 - sent missing Charge certificate for Ticket 1. (Subject Ticket1)

Spoke to Council and advised still receiving Bailiff letters for Ticket 1
directed to NCC
  • 12/05/2010 - NCC send "OUT OF TIME APPLICATION ATTACHED - URGENT" by email
  • 08/06/2010 - return OUT OF TIME APPLICATION to NCC
  • 09/06/2010 - resend OUT OF TIME APPLICATION to NCC
  • 14/06/2010 - send Marriage certificate (Vehicle is in wife's name but was bought under her maiden name) to NCC requesting "Please advise if this is satisfactory, if not please provide further instruction to ensure the information is in the correct format." in email 1of2 and updated form in email 2of2
  • 15/06/2010 - NCC advised no marriage certificate attached
  • 12/08/2010 - emailed LCC with all details sent to NCC
  • 17/08/2010 - email forms and marriage cert to LCC & NCC
  • 23/08/2010 - NCC confirm all in order with TE7 and Marriage cert
  • 08/09/2010 - NCC Refusal received dated 07/09 - Order made 06/09 - Order drawn 06/09
  • 11/09/2010 - LCC refusal confirmed
Away on hols
  • 20/09/2010 - Take day off work to set up case
  • 20/09/2010 - call LCC they advise they may make offer of GBP70 to settle / do not give reason for refusal, ask me to contact NCC / contact NCC who advise I should contact LCC / contact LCC who refuse to give me refusal details (all by telephone)
  • 20/09/2010 - email LCC and NCC to request who can give me refusal details
  • 20/09/2010 - post details on PePiPoo
  • 21/09/2010 - call LCC and advised only 1 individual will respond to me who is in meetings
  • 21/09/2010 - LCC individual refuses to make offer by email for settlememnt and refuses to give details of why the late witness statement was refused
  • 21/09/2010 - Update PePiPoo with requested info and but late to heed warning from dave-o

Please help with what you can ford poplar

Should I get a solicitor for the Court date which is yet to be served or is DIY (which I feel fairly confident with) a good method ?
Could you specify for each PCN whether you did get the documents stated or not.

You shouldn't need a solicitor for a N244 hearing, it should be routine.
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