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Full Version: Parking ticket at Bluewater shopping centre
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Hello all,

 I have been reading through the forum,and found a lot of information on Parking Control Management LTD.

 I was issued a ticket by these people today at Bluewater shopping centre,for 'parking out of bay'.

 Having read the forums,and searched for Bluewater,I have come to the conclusion that I should just ignore the ticket and any correspondence I receive,but could someone please confirm this for me,as my girlfriend wants to pay it for me,'to save any hassle',as it was for her benefit that we were at the shopping centre in the first place.(my credit card is £500 lighter,or should that be heavier, already).She obviously feels guilty for the amount of time she kept me waiting outside changing rooms,as she was assembling her holiday wardrobe.

 This company must have issued 20 tickets in just the one car park I was in,I would like very much not to give them my money!

 All advice gratefully received.
QUOTE (pedro888 @ Sat, 4 Sep 2010 - 18:23) *
I would like very much not to give them my money!

Answer is DONT give em a penny, if you have read the forum and seen the letters then follow the advise ........ IGNORE
Pleeease don't let your gf pay!

Show her this and laugh as the Watchdog legal bod makes his bogus PCN into a paper aeroplane:

Ignore it, read all the other threads about private parking companies (PPCs) on this forum, you are one of hundreds of recent cases, all told to IGNORE the ticket as it's not a valid fine.

Don't Google Bluewater (it's irrelevant as this could happen in your local Supermarket car park, or motorway services, anywhere on private land). Google 'private parking unenforceable ignore' and see how many forums say the same, correct advice. Just don't bother to read any biased results from a PPC website, they like to try to debunk our 'ignore' advice and methinks they doth protest too much...

Oh, and here's a thread on MSE with pics of the debt collector letters you MUST just ignore. It's simple, we've all ignored PPC bogus PCNs on here and lived to tell the tale with not so much as a smudge on our credit records:

Please read up about it some more so you are sure, and make sure your gf understands the score as well, so neither of you panic about those debt collector letters. Just match those 'scary' letters to the MSE thread and you'll know exactly what stage of the standard letter chain you are at.
Many thanks for the replies,and thank you for all the info SchoolRunMum!

We did have a laugh watching the video smile.gif

We will instead use the money to go out for a meal on the first night of our holiday,and raise a toast to

Thanks again.
Hi there, i replied to pcm disputing my ticket, does this now mean i am liable to pay by admitting it? thanks very much in advance
start your own thread in the private parking forum.

this one is for council tickets
The newbie has posted the same question in another old PCM thread
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