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Full Version: Moped missing - towed or stolen?
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One of my mopeds was (apparently) stolen yesterday and I am gutted.

At ~3pm yesterday I parked legally on Willow Walk in Southwark in an on-street parking bay. I was visiting a business to get some work done and was in for about 45 minutes. Looked through the first floor office window around 3:45 to check if it's still there (I am the nervous type) and it was gone!

Called TRACE ~4PM and again ~7PM (in case system wasnt updated first time) and they had no knowledge of a council tow
Called Southwark car pound and they confirmed no tow and said they would never tow a motorcycle anyway.
I also asked the TRACE guys if they can check for a private tow (just in case some cowboy clampers made off with it despite it being on a public road) and strangely TRACE said they cannot trace such tows. Is that correct? How does one trace private tows then?

Anyway, working on assumption that it was stolen and accordingly put in a police report yesterday. I had third-party only insurance so that's unfortunate. Only glad I took the cheap second hand moped as I was worried about it being nicked by the thugs in that part of town.

Is there anything else I can do to eliminate all possibilities other than a theft (such as cowboy private tow)? The last thing I want is a massive towing bill in the post 3 weeks from now.
Private towers have to register the tow with TRACE too. If it was on public land then it wouldn't be private goons anyway.

Looks like it was stolen. Probably by kids. The kids round here like to nick scooters, take them down the park and "ghost rider" them into trees for fun.
Still worth checking your insurance, its often Third Party, Fire and Theft.
in that case I am guessing I can be quite sure that if I have done a TRACE twice, one hour and four hours after last being seen and nothing turns up, it means it has been TWOC'd by a CHAV?
That would be my reading. You've reported it to the police, so best to contact them and see if it's been recovered yet. Meanwhile, check your insurance as above.
Thanks. Will follow up with the police.

No, definitely have TPO, not TPFT. I remember my conversation with the insurers. They wanted an extra £150 for the TPFT, with an excess of £250, for a moped valued at £300! They did not see the irony in it.
I called the police to ask for a copy of the crime report, so that I have it to hand if the person who stol my bike ends up racking up PCNs or criminal offences. I was told by the lady at Southwark police that to get a copy of the crime report for a crime that I reported, the only way is to pay £10 and ask for a copy under the Data Protection Act!
So I need to pay £10 for the privelege of checking if the occifer on the phone that day took all the details down correctly. Is there any other way I can get a copy?
Just ask for the crime number and the number of the officer dealing with the case.
If a pcn arrives that is all you should need
I am still worried that the crime report might have errors.

I only by chance realised a couple of days ago that they had spelt my name incorrectly in the report when I was speaking to the occifer on the phone. God knows what else they might have got wrong, which is why I asked her for a copy of the report for me to have a butcher's. I just can't believe that if I report a crime, I am not allowed to check that it has been correctly recorded, without paying £10!
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