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Full Version: P&D ticket slipped down window / Dash PCN issued
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Hi there,

Usual fare, helping my better half move the other day, parked up in a bay, stuck £2.40 in the machine, started unloading got the last chest of draws out lock the car, windows close off i go.

10 mins later see CEO wandering down the road, look back to my car (from 5th floor window) see I have a ticket, rush down to see what was going on and bugger me, where is the ticket, bloody hell must have blown off... well no it hadn’t blown off, it had slipped down between the window and the dash. I couldn’t get at it at all.

So i went and accosted the CEO, obviously know cant un issues ticket etc,, think he was gearing up for an argument but just asked him to come have a look, see if he could help me out. It seems he was having one of those days too.... but I digress, I had to borrow his pen to remove the ticket, he saw this and made a note in his book etc (well seemed to I have no reason to believe otherwise) anyways off we went on our merry little ways.

Had a quick search around but wondered if anyone had any experience with Southwark and ticket slippage, i have attached all the paperwork, etc, the bays/signage can be seen Here nothing has changed since the google went past.

Rather not pay £60 for the pleasure of an hour but thought i would see what you lovely people had to say before i go blindly messing things up for myself.

Cool, well thanks a lot for looking and very nice website.


P&D 1
P&D 2

Update: CEO not CIO
The bay loks OK.

I would recommend a polite (yes, pick your jaws up off the floor!) informal appeal that the ticket was displayed but had slipped. Ask them to check the CEO notes, as the CEO stated that he had noted this and that an appeal would be successful. Include a copy of the ticket.

But wait a few days for other opinions.
Hi Davo-O,

Thanks for the quick reply, I thought that would be the best way too, but thought I would see what the general consensus is, I didn’t want to miss something out.

Unfortunately the CEO didn’t actually say that, words like "being candid with you I would say it is 50/50" were mentioned.

I will hang on for a couple of days and then send them the "appeal".

I may invest in some blutack for the dash!

Hi all,

bit of a bump

I have yet to hear back form Southwark about this, i called week and half after applying for a stay and was told it was onhold and they will get back to me, coming up on a 4 weeks now, how long are they allowed to take to come to a decision?

A couple of points:

1. Write down all the detail you can remember about that call.

2. Never believe anything a council tell you over the phone. Always use the written word.

I would think they didn't even consider that an informal appeal and you are now waiting for the NTO. Post that up when you get it, there will probably be some useful erroers in it.
How do,

I applied an informal appeal over the net, using thier system, i know there are still issues with this (rather then writing) but i took screen shots of the pages as i filled it in and the final thanks for your info etc..

That was.... my aplologies coming up on 3 weeks ago, i called them a week after the interweb apeal, and have had nothing from them. I do hope i was misinformed as that would be taking the p**s a lil bit.

Have never had the pleasure of this before so dont know how long these things "normally" take.
Word is - purely anecdotal you understand- that if it is your first "offence" of this type, that is, failing to display a P+D ticket, they often benignly give you the benefit of the doubt. That would be at the informal stage and dependant on submitting a copy of the P+D ticket. In this case you also, hopefully, have the back-up of the CEO's notes.

You did keep the ticket, didn't you?

EDIT: Just noticed in a previous post, you still have it.
If the informal reps are rejected then, the PCN states that challenges must be made immediately, you have in law until the NTO is served.

The PCN states an NTO "will" be served, the law says "may" be served.

"(j)that if the penalty charge is not paid before the end of the period of 28 days referred to in subparagraph (g), a notice to owner may be served by the enforcement authority on the owner of the vehicle."
Hi All,

Well whoda thunk it., got a letter from them today saying concidering your circumstances and correspondance they are going to cancel the PCN.

Cheers for the words and advise smile.gif

All the best

Human after all.

You must write a good letter. smile.gif

yeah its good to know people can be nice smile.gif, i was looking to post what i wrote to them but i did it on their online system and cant find my copy.... it was sililar to my first post but less crudeness and less acosting the guy.

i keep a bit of bluetack in the car now!
Nice result.

Very well done. It's good when the polite letter works. Didn't bother posting earlier as I was too busy picking my jaw up from the floor after Dave-o's post #2

That's either a pint I owe him, or not. I can't remember now. Good result all round
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