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Full Version: Speeding in Scotland
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Buddy 1515
I was in Scotland and got caught doing 51 in a 30 on my bike.I mention Scotland because i dont know if the laws are different up there.So there I was in the back of the police car.faced with bad cop even badder cop.basically making me me feel like a sex offender.Cut a long story short they said there going to submit two charges one of speeding and another of dangerous driving.But could only do me on one.Dangerous driving=1 year ban and 300.00 fine.........speeding=4 points 180.00 fine.He said I should hear something in the next 3-4 weeks.Its been 3 weeks now and still nothing.Another thing was he kept calling me laddie.and how i was not in England now .Also said the bike i just brought was shite and id been done..........any advice or possible out comes would be nice thanks..............
On the square...
Whereabouts? Local traf plod round here are pretty sound by and large, and quite a few bikers too which helps
Unless you were doing something daft, you'll be awfully unlucky to see DD stick on 51/30 alone, any aggrivating factors?
Theres a lot of them wouldve been/shouldve been far sounder than that, so unless you've been wheelieing away from them flipping the bird, you've been unlucky there for sure
Buddy 1515
To be honest with i didnt really know where i was i left Longniddy and was just trying to pick up the signs for Carlisle.I was only riding for about 45mins when i noticed them in my mirror.I know i wasn't riding like ****.and if you ride bikes you know when you've been a bit i dont know
On the square...
Mabye not traffic then, probably bobbies. In the truest sense......
QUOTE (Buddy 1515 @ Mon, 23 Aug 2010 - 18:07) *
He said I should hear something in the next 3-4 weeks.

Things don't always proceed that quickly - note that they have 6 calendar months to commence proceedings (although I doubt that they will hang it out until the very last minute)..
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