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Full Version: Nip sent to wrong address
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H guys, great site, I have a quick question.  I have been living at my current address (Glasgow) for 6 months now, however was playing footie with my old flat mate who told me there is a NIP that has been sent to his flat, (my old address).  He knows it is because he signed for it an opened it, alleged 30 in a 40.  Now I am the RK and the car is still registered at that address, however I haven’t lived there for over 6 months, should I plead ignorant and wait for them to catch up with me and send my change of address of to the DVLA, in the event that the NIP is then reissued to my new address. Any help or comments would be appreciated.
Not many forces send NIPs by recorded or registered delivery. Is this Dumfries & Galloway?
When was the speeding offence and when was the NIP sent?
What did your flat mate do with the NIP once he had opened it?
Because it was sent by recorded or registered delivery, to your last known address, it is deemed to have been correctly served (assuming that it was posted in time).
However, depending on the dates, there may be some mileage in spinning it out.
You have, of course, left yourself open to an offence by not updating your details.
The twat has now informed me that he has lost the letter and he cant remember any of the details except that I was allegedly caught doing 40 in a 30, I think he deliberately did it, what the feck am I supposed to do now, I don’t know what force it came from, who issued it and on what date, anyone know how I find out
Not much option now; just sit it out.
A reminder is almost always sent out.
Even if a reminder isn't sent out and you are prosecuted for S172 (failure to supply), you should be able to prove easily that you never got the S172 notice because your flatmate will be able to give sworn evidence to the fact that he lost the letter, and didn't pass it on to you.
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