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Full Version: Being issued with a 172 letter for motobike that was SORN
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Hi guys one of my friends has told me about this forum and said you guys would know as I've got a quite a problem.

This morning the Police knocked on my door asking me about my motorbike. The bike had been SORN and hasn't been used since then. Last Thursday I had finished stripping the bike down. The Police advised me that the incident took place on the Sunday (3 days later) where a rider failed to stop, drove without due care and jumped a 2 red lights.

I know this was not my bike as my bike doesn't have a fuel tank, battery, headlights, exhaust, any oil, nor any fairings (Which I have a picture of taken on that date luckily it has the time-stamp on the picture). The Police officer advised that me he recognised the bike due to the number plate having a legal required reflector on it - that is the only unique identifier on the bike.

They asked me where I was at the time of the incident which I was at home playing on the Xbox with the bike parked round back. I was the only person with the key which was kept with the log book.

What I need to know if how to go about proving "with reasonable diligence" my innocence as I've been informed that I will receive a 172 letter and don't know much about legalities as.

Your advice would be much appreciated.


Did the copper inspect the bike in bits

whats this about the reflector

are there any pictures of the event ? ie going through the red light or any police VID

You need to recieve not only a 172, but also an notice of intended prosecution, this within 14 days of the event

172 get quite complex, but its my understanding is if you all out denyit was your bike, then they need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it was, so no reasonable diligence required

how ever just be warned if you go off down this line and they can show it was your bike( and youve made the whole thing up), ridding whilst sorned and a couple of red lights will be the least of your problems
Hi Jobo

- The Bike has been SORN since 30/06/10
- The reflector is a just a circular plastic piece that is needed on bike number plates, its just bigger than the size of a 5p piece.

The police officer did not inspect the bike he remained behind the bike (at the number plate) whilst writing on his pad taking notes - he didn't move around the bike to look closer.

The Police officer did not advise me whether there was any pictures of the event so I'm unsure.
Taking you at your word, you should waite for the 172 and reply with as much info as you have sorned, dismantled not you ,, dates witnesses if you have any and see what they do next

as you wont have IDED your self as ridder they cant prosecute for the red lights failing to stop, though they could try for the SORN offence ?? but could for the 172 offence which would be 6 points if it goes against you

however if no NIP turns up and they sometimes forget if theve been for a visit, then they cant do you for the red light anyway, but could for the failure to stop

but you need to see what come first ?
Thanks for your advise Jobo the only thing I can think of is a cloned number plate.

The other police officer did advise to contact the DVLA asking whether it was on record regarding a duplicated number plate was recorded against this vehicle. I spoke with the DVLA and she there wasn't but advised me I can send them a letter suspecting this - something which I have drafted up.
indeed and also formally report it to the police

are you a know local nuisance and they just jumped to the conclusion it was you ? and i still dont under stand the point of about the reflector ?

you are sure that if they knock on your neighbours doors, someone wont remember you wheeling up the street after you said it was in bits ?
I know the type of reflector you mean. I have seen MOT stations stick one (they are self adhesive) onto the corner of bike numberplates when they saw no rear reflector during the test. The original rear reflector gets lost when people remove the lower part of the rear mudguard.
No I've never had any trouble the police I've never been arrested or questioned by the police before (no warnings or ever been stopped before). The only time I have spoken to the police is when I was jumped about 5 years ago.

Yen_powell is right it is a self adhesive plastic reflector which they put on the bike if you do not have one on there during the MOT.

The bike was stripped at the back of my house so there was no one that saw me wheeling / stripping the bike - the bike was left where it was stripped.
Certainly sounds like a potentially cloned plate if all is as you have said. The adhesive reflector is common to all bikes fitted with an aftermarket tail tidy, so hard to see how that would be a definitive unique identifier.

I am wondering why the police took so long to follow up on a fail to stop?

Did they ask to see your helmet/jackets etc? Surely these would be a better indication of identity.

You can only fill in the S172 to the best of your knowledge, but reporting your suspicions regarding the plate is a must, with some luck the plate might be spotted in the meantime.
Hi Kwaks,

I honestly don't know why it took them so long to follow this up - I've been home all throughout the week (obviously going to work as well) so was a bit of a shock to wake up with them knocking at the door.

They never asked to look at my jacket / helmet - my helmet and jacket have been in my cupboard for quite some time.

I've already sent the letter to the DVLA suspecting my number plate may have been cloned and i'm going to go down to the police to formally report my suspicions.
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